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Thank-you, everyone! I've asked before and am probably getting annoying but want to be sure before I make a big mistake.
OK, time to pre-order the Dovers. Barrie size = US 8. Forest last Carminas = UK 7.5. Should I order UK 7.5 Dover on 606 last? Let me know if I should remove this post and put it in the EG thread. Thank-you in advance.
My hunting vests and jackets have these. We use those pockets to hold our birds/rabbits. When clay shooting, we use the pockets to hold more shells than the normal pockets can hold.
I am a huge fan of the antique edge trim EXCEPT with brown CXL. For me, its too much contrast.
I prefer the traditional brown edge.Everyone here knows this but I think its important to give credit where its due. Steve has been incredibly helpful via PM. I want to publicly acknowledge his helpfulness.
I need to figure out what I want. Would brown cxl look good in this boot? Can't get over thinking pebble grain would be better for a jumper. I'll figure it out tonight
Probably going to happen. Any idea idea on price?When does order close?
Is the wingtip boot happening also?
How can I find the 10% survey?
When is the fall black/purlple label sale?
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