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I need to figure out what I want. Would brown cxl look good in this boot? Can't get over thinking pebble grain would be better for a jumper. I'll figure it out tonight
Probably going to happen. Any idea idea on price?When does order close?
Is the wingtip boot happening also?
How can I find the 10% survey?
When is the fall black/purlple label sale?
Is this makeup happening? I can't find it, I can only find the brown cxl cap toe with natural edge.
Ok folks, wrapping up the details for my wedding next month. Thank-you all, especially @imthegroom. I have my tux ready to go - black herringbone, satin shawl collar, one button, no vent, besom pocket, flat front pants, no cuff, and waistcoat. I am doing a full turndown collar shirt. Two questions, I would love your input. What material do you recommend for the bowtie? Satin? Silk? Also, for studs, I am going with reversible ones from Kent Wang - they are mother of pearl...
If you decide to unload them, please let me know.
What size are your McAllisters?
I posted some pics of mine. Somewhat disappointed in how they wrinkled (not creased). One shoe is considerably darker than the other as well.
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