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darn it the carmina alt wien is in my size........
I wore walnut daltons with a navy pinstripe suit on Christmas Eve. Got a lot of complements on the look....
captoe boot is up edit: brixton is up too edit: all 3 aldens are posted
You are correct, they are a dainite sole. Love these shoes, they are tanks and they are warmer than alden tobacco chamois (which I also got for foul weather).I regret not getting the steinbeck boot in brown chromexcel
works for me
two quick pics from my cell phone. Carmina for Epaulet Faulkner natural chromexcel - tanks, especially in bad weather like today in NEPA. I do not baby these at all. They have one coating of reno on the toe section and other than an occasional brushing, they are untouched. Perhaps its time for another coat of reno to cover up the scuffs.....or maybe no, I like the character........
I don't think that price is too high, considering the offering. Look at what Left Field (Grown and Sewn, and many others) are charging for chinos/khakis. Here is my input: my favorite pair of chinos finally ripped beyond repair last week. It sounds like my relationship with them is similar to yours; I wore them sometimes several days per week, and wore them hard. They are not available any more. I would pay that price for a pair of chinos knowing they will fit me well...
yep, we definitely need a re-release of the cramerton in rudy
I'm an avid shooter too, sporting clays shooting is the best. It was cool to see that this group was interested. Pants look great, wish they were still available.
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