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Wow they look great! How is the fit? How did you size them?y
I went with Tom James for my wedding tuxedo. My first fitting was earlier this week. It was totally made to measure, everything spec'd the way I wanted. First fitting was decent. Since I have plenty of time before my wedding, we are making some changes to the fit. For example, the waistcoat is a bit off, I want more shape to the jacket, and we are tapering the pants below the knee a bit.My specs:- black herringbone- narrow(ish) shawl collar- no vent- single satin button,...
Shout out to AE Customer Service. I just called about an exchange. A live person answered, we exchanged pleasantries, and my question was answered in 90 seconds. Nice work, AE
double post, apologies
[IMG]As stated in the EP thread, I went a half size too small in the Forest last. 8.5 brannock.Grabbed a few random shoes (top to bottom):- 7UK Forest Carmina for EP - should have gone 7.5UK- 7.5D Marlow (could have gone 8D)- 8D Barrie - fit great- 7UK Hiro Meermin (decent fit, could go half size bigger, chose size based on Meermin recommendation)- 7E C&J 341 last (fit in NYC store)- 8.5 AE Dalton (fit at Sherman bros, Philly)Take that for what you will, a lot of trial and...
Has anyone been hit with duties/taxes/fees when ordering ordering in USA from Skoak?
My Barrie size is 8D US and I have a Forest lasted Carmina in 7UK. They fit but but are snug. I will definitely go with 7.5UK on that last in the future.
The only thing that matters is that you like them and enjoy wearing them.
nice! details, please
True to size?
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