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OK, at the risk of embarrassing myself, our preliminary wedding blog from our photographer is published! Check it out if you would like. My tux is from Tom James. Shirt from RLPL, shoes from C&J. I am not crazy about how the tux fits in the pictures. We took a great amount of time and effort on the tailoring but it still looks sloppy to me. Regardless, our wedding was definitely the happiest day of my life! Many thanks to everyone here for your advice and input! If you...
Looking forward to the workshop chinos!
Any idea what time the Dover pre order closes today?
Jim, Thanks for contributing! I have a pair of chinos in democratic fit that are a touch tight in the waist. According to the measurements on the workshop chinos, the waist size is 0.5" more than the democratic fit chinos. In my case, ordering the same size should be a perfect fit, correct? How is the fit on the Workshop chino? It does not seem to be a dedicated slim fit, which is great for me. These compared to the Workshop...
Doesn't the 'fall sale' start right after the Give-In-Style sale? That's how I remember it.
Thank-you, everyone! I've asked before and am probably getting annoying but want to be sure before I make a big mistake.
OK, time to pre-order the Dovers. Barrie size = US 8. Forest last Carminas = UK 7.5. Should I order UK 7.5 Dover on 606 last? Let me know if I should remove this post and put it in the EG thread. Thank-you in advance.
My hunting vests and jackets have these. We use those pockets to hold our birds/rabbits. When clay shooting, we use the pockets to hold more shells than the normal pockets can hold.
I am a huge fan of the antique edge trim EXCEPT with brown CXL. For me, its too much contrast.
I prefer the traditional brown edge.Everyone here knows this but I think its important to give credit where its due. Steve has been incredibly helpful via PM. I want to publicly acknowledge his helpfulness.
New Posts  All Forums: