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Speaking of Simpson (and I know there is a carmina sizing thread), does everyone go TTS with Simpson?
@leftofthedial, is your email: contact at epauletnewyork dot com? I have a question that involves forwarding an email.
Event went well?
When I am in that situation, my opinion is: early is better. I would rather be criticized for being early than late. In my thinking, being early represents all the good things - enthusiasm, dedication, and so on. You are representing your organization (and beyond). I would be there early.There is absolutely a point-counterpoint conversation that can happen here. My stance is: early.
Mike, your Rudy's inspired me to check out if the Sanded UK Canvas is an MTO option. When I went to the site, it appears the MTO drop down has disappeared. Just so you know; I read above where you are working on site functionality and wanted to make you aware.
Wow they look great! How is the fit? How did you size them?y
I went with Tom James for my wedding tuxedo. My first fitting was earlier this week. It was totally made to measure, everything spec'd the way I wanted. First fitting was decent. Since I have plenty of time before my wedding, we are making some changes to the fit. For example, the waistcoat is a bit off, I want more shape to the jacket, and we are tapering the pants below the knee a bit.My specs:- black herringbone- narrow(ish) shawl collar- no vent- single satin button,...
Shout out to AE Customer Service. I just called about an exchange. A live person answered, we exchanged pleasantries, and my question was answered in 90 seconds. Nice work, AE
double post, apologies
[IMG]As stated in the EP thread, I went a half size too small in the Forest last. 8.5 brannock.Grabbed a few random shoes (top to bottom):- 7UK Forest Carmina for EP - should have gone 7.5UK- 7.5D Marlow (could have gone 8D)- 8D Barrie - fit great- 7UK Hiro Meermin (decent fit, could go half size bigger, chose size based on Meermin recommendation)- 7E C&J 341 last (fit in NYC store)- 8.5 AE Dalton (fit at Sherman bros, Philly)Take that for what you will, a lot of trial and...
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