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I posted some pics of mine. Somewhat disappointed in how they wrinkled (not creased). One shoe is considerably darker than the other as well.
That's a shame. I really like their shoes. Looking forward to the new project though!
How did you size your tassels? How is the fit for you?
bummer no more tassels - going to get fit on thursday..........
Is your tassel 0.5 down from TTS?
Nope, I'm a pretty normal foot. Mostly wondering for fit length.
Sizing for the tassels goes 0.5 down from TTS (Barrie size)?
IIRC, you are 8.5 Brannock, 8US Barrie?
Reno seems to make mine more cloudy. Even after experimenting with the time allowed to dry I can't get Reno to work. Next step will be cordovan cream. Also considering lexol.My biggest dilemma is whether or not to use reno'mat. I'm wondering if it would be good to strip them down and start over. My biggest concern is that the reno'mat is harsh and I would damage the leather. But that is compounded knowing that cordovan is very resilient. So, I'll probably do nothing.
I love the Forest too
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