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I use AE chili and think it looks good.
I'm looking for sizing advice for the Cavendish. My brannock size is 8.5. I was fit at C&J nyc for the cheam, 341 last, in 7E. Barrie shoes in size 8US fit very well. Any advice on the 325 last?
Apologies for asking this before but I still don't feel comfortable with the information I gathered. What is the consensus for Marlow Tassel sizing? I am a solid 8D Barrie. The Marlow Wingtip in 8 fits me well. My brannock size is 8.5 Thank-you in advance
1) Awesome display of gratitude in your email today. Bravo 2) My regular fit workshop chinos arrived today. I wish I ordered several pairs. The fit advice from this forum was spot on and the fit is great. Great product, thank-you very much.I hope you keep that pattern. I struggle to find chinos that fit well and the regular fit workshop chinos are as good as I've found yet. Thank-you. Cheers!
Just got shipping confirmation for my Regular Fit Chinos.
Email from TS today regarding Chinos: Slims ship Friday, Regulars ship Monday.
What is the status on the Workshop Standard Issue Chinos?
I think Rancourt does the penny loafers for PRL
OK, at the risk of embarrassing myself, our preliminary wedding blog from our photographer is published! Check it out if you would like. My tux is from Tom James. Shirt from RLPL, shoes from C&J. I am not crazy about how the tux fits in the pictures. We took a great amount of time and effort on the tailoring but it still looks sloppy to me. Regardless, our wedding was definitely the happiest day of my life! Many thanks to everyone here for your advice and input! If you...
Looking forward to the workshop chinos!
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