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Will there be a Rudy option?
Looks great! Details on the denim, please.
Add to the mix they are balmorals
Fair point. I will be watching if you do decide to restock. Thank-you
Patrik, will you be restocking the Carmina black wingtip?
Do you have any plans to restock the Carmina Black calf Wingtip? I am looking for 7.5UK. Going to order the Brown Chromexcel Wingtip Boot right now. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-black-wingtip
Thank-you very much.
How does the Robert last fit? Research seems to say Barrie = Robert size. Any other comparisons? Also, if Barrie = Robert, does that mean 8US in Barrie = 8UK for Robert? That may seem like a dumb question because US to UK conversion charts say to size down 0.5 from US size to get your UK size. I simply want to confirm before I have shoes shipped from Sweden. Thank-you very much. I did try to research before posting here to save the post.
Navy suit by RLWalnut Calf strandsprobably could have done a better job with sock choice...in fact, what was i thinking [[SPOILER]]
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