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Has anyone been hit with duties/taxes/fees when ordering ordering in USA from Skoak?
My Barrie size is 8D US and I have a Forest lasted Carmina in 7UK. They fit but but are snug. I will definitely go with 7.5UK on that last in the future.
The only thing that matters is that you like them and enjoy wearing them.
nice! details, please
True to size?
Can anyone provide sizing insight for the 606 last? I did research this before posting in hopes of not cluttering the thread with a repeat question but didn't find any remarkable guidance.
Mike, MTOs look great. Thank-you for your hard work to make this happen! Will the 1810 cotton khaki be available? It in the swatch pictures but not showing in the "Material" drop down. From a Rudy guy, thank-you.
thank-you very much!
Does size in Forest = size in Robert?
Wish this could be done in Rudy....damn my cycling/skiing/lifting addictions
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