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Hello folks, I had an offline conversation with Steve about getting a suede boot for the fall. I want to check in here for interest in doing something. Let me know if there is any interest in the following (Carmina) or feel free to propose a makeup you would like to see. - Polo (or snuff) wingtip boot, dainite or commando - Polo captoe, dainite or commando - chocolate tanker Cheers!
Agreed. Steve is a stand up guy. He has a customer in me for sure.
Wow, thank-you very much for taking the time to send this response. Very helpful, thank-you.
Dark Burgundy Tassels, uetam last. Sizing is interesting. Length wise they are great. A little tight across ball of foot. I was looking for a dark loafer and these nailed it. Thank-you, Steve!
Does anyone have sizing advice for the Randolph? Searching does not give any clear results. I would love to hear your experiences. That style of shoe is tough for me because of how critical the fit of the vamp is. Anyway, any insight on Randolph sizing is appreciated. Thank-you.
On the way to a fundraiser earlier tonight.
With a true-to-size feature where you can select your true size and it will give you shoes that fit that size. For example, TTS 8 gives you shoes such as Barrie 8. Probably have to make that an additional field when listing an item but worth it in my opinion.
I have the Dark Burgundy Tassel Loafers on Uetam coming in a few weeks. On Steve's advice, I ordered a half size down from Forest last. Steve said they will be snug at first but stretch nicely. As soon as they come in I will post a fit review.For reference:Brannock: 8.5D USForest: 7.5UKBarrie: 8USUetam Tassels on order: 7UK
Roger, looking great! What are your pants?
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