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Looking niceI think we live across the street from each other. I'm in "the village" if that means anything to you
If a medium Epaulet flannel is snug, does that mean a Large heirloom sweater is a good choice?
after a wedding last night
In! This is my first order with Skoak; I did not get a confirmation email. Is that normal?
Hi folks. I'm going to order a rain last shoe and am looking for some advice. Brannock = 8.5D US Forest = 7.5UK Barrie = 8D US CJ 325 = 8 US Any insight on rain last would be appreciated. Thank you in advance
RaiGMTO for next summer; he suggested November.Rain or forest. Or is there a soft square last similar to the EG 606? Something like a mid brown or maybe the brown vegano - a good summer shoe. Tomir sole is good. I talked to Steve from GF about when to do a GMTO for next summer; he suggested November so if we get it rolling now we will definitely be good for next spring.
Perhaps, depending last and shade of brown.
I'm paying attention to this. Depending on details I could be in. Have we thought of running it through Steve of GF?
Steve, is the NST boot in scotch grain a no-go?
Agreed. The democratic fit is excellent. I struggle to find pants that fit well and this is one of the few I can rely on fitting.
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