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Love my marlows but the shell is definitely drier than alden's for some reason.....
Rey, I can't speak to the color matching but I have a few belts from Orion - they are outstanding belts.
Is anyone else having trouble getting into their wishlist? From my account dashboard, I click Wish List and it takes me to an empty cart. From there you can click View Wish List and it takes me back to my account log-in. Then its Groundhog Day from there. Edit: Nevermind, I finally got in after a few times through the loop. Still doesn't work on first pass though.
Rennavate, have you seen Rancourt's whiskey (they call it caramel) penny? In my opinion it looks great, and having pair of Rancourts (Eldric for RL), can speak to the quality. They are on my list to order in the spring.
Ok, two pairs of rivets came yesterday, great pants, I'm happy I ordered them. I have a question. My Walts are 32 so based on my reading here I went with 33 rivets. The waist fits well, very well actually. I am glad I did but still think they are too small especially in the thigh and they are very tight in the seat. They don't feel uncomfortably tight but I think they are pulling in the seat. I measured the thigh as described and got 11 inches opposed to the 12.5 listed on...
Anyone else see the tweet about the Indigo Farm denim??? They look soooo sick
In my opinion, having tried on and touched Loake shoes, AE is of higher quality construction.
Hilarious - didn't see that coming....but while we are on the topic, I would say it depends on the ice cream flavor. You don't want to go ruining the cobbler by mismatching it with the ice cream. Since the ice cream is a pre existing condition, I'd say you must be judicious in choosing cobbler. If the ice cream is indeed vanilla, stick with the America theme (made is USA footwear) and go for apple.
Thank-you very much everyone. This thread is great, the advice is always helpful and everyone is kind. I'm willing to exchange for size, but as you all know, the wait is tough; ain't nobody got time for that.
I would try sixteen more treatments of oil and whatever everyone else recommends; I'm not going to join the discussion on which treatment is better. You need more protection for these dainty "work boots." Dont forget the hairdryer method. Then I would take them to a cobbler to see what he says. Then you can call Wolverine to make sure the cobbler was correct. Then you can ask on Styleforum until one person says what you were thinking anyway. Classic post, absolute genius
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