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I would try sixteen more treatments of oil and whatever everyone else recommends; I'm not going to join the discussion on which treatment is better. You need more protection for these dainty "work boots." Dont forget the hairdryer method. Then I would take them to a cobbler to see what he says. Then you can call Wolverine to make sure the cobbler was correct. Then you can ask on Styleforum until one person says what you were thinking anyway. Classic post, absolute genius
Thank-you, Wisith. What is the consensus on the forest last? If I wear a 7.5 Indy boot, and am between 8 and 8.5 (8.5 AE 5 last for example, 7.5 Marlows) in everything else, what do you all think? Thank-you in advance.
Thoughts or opinions on caramel duck rivets with the Faulkner shortwing?
Double post, apologies. That's twice in one night damn iPad
Azima, who has the cigar lwb in stock?
Double post, apologies
Froosh, thank-you. That is what I recall others saying (re: field chino sizing) in this thread a while back but I couldn't find the specific posts.
How do the officer field chino fit? Waist true to size? I'm a 31 in classic straight denim and 32/31 in low straight denim. TYIA
Eagle, I treat my suede shoes. I've used whatever brand nordstroms carries in the past but lately I've been using ugg spray. I like the ugg spray better tha anything else I've tried. It keeps the nap up longer and makes the suede look fresher and cleaner. I avoid wearing suede in foul weather but in a light drizzle the ugg is also equal to others for water resistance.
CTYGGG, great looking shoes. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with asymmetrical creases.
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