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My desert boots are US 8, my Rancourts for Polo are US 8. For reference: Brannock = 8.5 Barrie = US 8 Tru Balance = US 8 AE 5 Last = US 8.5 Carmina Forest = UK 7.5 Marlow =7.5 (could be 8) Sperry = US 8.5/9 have you tried the printable fit guide?
+1 for Unionmade and their great customer service - a few years ago, I ordered a size 8 Indy boot but a size 11 was delivered - they shipped the exchange that day via next day air day before I even made it to ship the originals back to them
For the Rudy preorder, can sizes sell out? What I mean is: if I wait to place my preorder is there a chance my size will not be available because others ordered before me? I wouldn't think that's the case but want to be sure.
psyched for some Rudy's - thank-you guys
What brand and color edge dressing does everyone use?
My dub monks were delivered last night. Ordered March 29, shipped May 2, delivered to Pennsylvania last night. I like them a lot so far and will post pictures and a more detailed review at some point. I ordered 7.5UK and the fit seems good on carpet. I wear 8 in Barrie, 8.5 in AE 5 last, and 7/7.5 fits well on the Forest last. So I would say order your US size on the UK scale (1 size down).
Sorry, I didn't ask the right question. How long did it take from order to receiving the shoes? I know the Rancourt site says about 2 weeks. I am wondering if that is accurate turn around time.
How long did it take for the caramel shell pennies? They are on my short list
Alright I got a shipping confirmation today and expected delivery Monday! For those of you in the States, did you have to sign for the package from UPS? Did you owe any money for royalties/customs/whatever? Very exciting
Great for you, bummer for me, I ordered dark brown double monks march 29 - no shipping date yet
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