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I did not on the one pair that has been delivered.
Alton Lane has nice tuxedo options for less than half that price. I was strongly considering a RLBL tux until I found Alton's options.
Got mine shined today by a professional today - did a much better job than I have been able to do - sorry for crappy cell pic - in case it matters, the pants fit better than this picture indicates
Yes, I found that site via this thread and spent some time there earlier today. My question was pretty general, apologies for that. Where have other forum members had success with their tuxedos? Are there any places I should avoid (other than the obvious)? Has anyone else done a 3 piece tux and have advice?Sorry
Great thread, thank-you all for participatiing, just spend some time the past few days reading everything. Thank-you all for your advice. My wedding is September 2014 and most of it is planned. I am trying to get a jump on the rest of the details, one of which is relevant here: tuxedo. My fiance and I really like the look of a three piece tuxedo. I am seeking your advice on where to find (purchase) a good 3 piece tux. I am trying to get a list of designers/places together...
My desert boots are US 8, my Rancourts for Polo are US 8. For reference: Brannock = 8.5 Barrie = US 8 Tru Balance = US 8 AE 5 Last = US 8.5 Carmina Forest = UK 7.5 Marlow =7.5 (could be 8) Sperry = US 8.5/9 have you tried the printable fit guide?
+1 for Unionmade and their great customer service - a few years ago, I ordered a size 8 Indy boot but a size 11 was delivered - they shipped the exchange that day via next day air day before I even made it to ship the originals back to them
For the Rudy preorder, can sizes sell out? What I mean is: if I wait to place my preorder is there a chance my size will not be available because others ordered before me? I wouldn't think that's the case but want to be sure.
psyched for some Rudy's - thank-you guys
What brand and color edge dressing does everyone use?
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