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Hero status!!! You are awesome. From someone who struggles to find pants that fit well, I am grateful, thank-you very much. Out of curiosity, will the navy windowpane flannels be part of the Rudy options?
Add me to that list
And me.
I am definitely interested in anything Rudy.
Thanks everyone. I have been following the thread for a long time and know sizing questions happen very frequently. Beatlegesuse's pictures sparked interest; sorry to derail the thread. To get us back on track, some pictures from today. Marlows, in need of a shine soon, and RRL officer chinos. Bag is Chestnut from Saddleback, 1 year old almost to the day. Pictures taken with a Galaxy s4. [[SPOILER]]
WOOO more Rudy's!!!
Thank-you Beatlegeuse. I have trouble with Barrie sizing. A half size down from my brannock size rubs and gives me blisters but I am nervous about going true to size and have them be too large. After what you said about them being just slightly bigger, the Barrie size makes sense. Thank-you
How did you size the Lindricks? Can you compare your Lindrick size to your size in any other common lasts? Also, where is everyone finding Lindricks? RL stores? The bay?
Does anyone know how long this code will be active?
I have had success with Tacco insoles. They make half and full insoles. I have not tried the half insoles. The fulls and tongue pads have served me well to get a good fit on a shoe that is too big for me.
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