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My dark brown double monks are coming in less than 15 days, if you can wait I will certainly post pictures when I get them.
I emailed them with sizes I wear in common lasts, one of them being the AE 5 last. They responded to size one down from that. I am a 8.5 brannock, and 8.5 in 5 last (uncommon I know but I've been fitted by the pros). Meet in specifically said to order 7.5 so I did. I will report back when they arrive which they are saying will be in 2 weeks or less.
+1 for more Rudy's all around
How is your paypal working? I got the receipt email from paypal but the money has not been deducted from my account yet. Is that normal? I figured the delay may be due to currency or international payment but no I'm worried something went wrong.
Started with the dark brown double monks. I like the light brown calf but already have more shoes in lighter shades than darker. How about you?
Just sent payment for my order from March 29. The payment request said the shoes will ship within 15 days!
Is this blue suede the same color as the blue suede on the Leather Soul short wing they listed on Monday?http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2013/04/08/alden-shoe-navy-suede-shortwing-lsw/
Not sure i understand. Pictured from foreground to back: carmina, marlow, allen edmonds. The picture is a bad iPad picture but it would show that all the heels are pitched from front to back (the back part of the heel is elevated and does not contact the ground). Doesn't bother me, they all fit and feel great.Edited to add: the AE and marlows have heel taps so it is not that they are worn down. Also, the tap is not holding the shoe up, it is not contacting my desk (in this...
Nice! I ordered a pair of shoes on March 29 and it was initiated today. What are the steps in their process? So I'm assuming this is step number two; how many steps until shipped? Ozzy, when do you expect yours to ship?
Isn't the one with the lighter welt (top, left) Alden ravello?
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