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Anyone know when the extra 40% off sale ends? Dastig?
[[SPOILER]] Nice! Are you in NEPA (question based on your userid)?
I have them in natural chromexcel. They are buttery soft and have molded to my feet quite nicely. They are one of my favorite shoes, especially in wet/snowy weather. You will love them.
+1 on more Rudy's - got my pre-orders today and they are perfect. The fit is exactly what I need and have been trying to find. More Rudy's please
A few pages back Mike replied that they should be out for delivery next week.
So happy I ordered that one - did you go true to size?
No shipping notice for me and I only partook in the Rudy order....It's no big deal, I was looking at outstanding orders I have and got excited when noticed this one should be up soon
Any estimated arrival for the Rudy pre-order from May?
Speaking of Rudy's, how is the pre-order from May coming? Any updates?
I did not on the one pair that has been delivered.
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