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Eh, I see your points however, if you step into a public forum, you should be prepared to encounter any matter of public comment. Does it make the poster's comment unprofessional? I am not saying; I can see it being a joke. For someone to be upset by that would make me wonder if they are considering the source. Public forum...anonymous posting....say whatever you want. For someone to take any comment with any more weight than that is also a problem....just my thoughts....
Does the Mac method change if the sizes are now Euro? Who is working on updating the last/sizing chart?
I have several Epaulet oxford cloth shirts and several RRL oxford cloth shirts. The fit of the Epaulet is much nicer and the fabric feels just as good.
Cold Iron, you're doing it right - that's what the directions say to do: wipe if off before it dries
CalTex, interesting question. I was in AE Philly yesterday and they sold me "chili" for edge dressing for my walnut strands and daltons.
Try a tongue pad or an insole. I am between sizes in a few of my shoes. For some, a tongue pad does the trick, for others, a thin insole fixes it. For example, I am between sizes in Tru-Balanace and a thin insole helped. For a pair of shoes by another manufacturer, a tongue pad fixed some heel slip.
I did some searching through the thread and did not find an exact answer. What products do you use for your marlows/lindricks/etc? I brush after every wear and use reno after a few wears. Now I am looking for something to increase the shine. I know we have all reported difficulties in accomplishing this with the shell used for these shoes but I am curious to see everyone's strategies. I just watched the C&J video http://www.crockettandjones.com/ShoeCare and am wondering...
Thank - you Adele. Got my natural cxl Faulkners last week, they are awesome, will post some pics soon
Will the MTO shirts be a continuous option or are they only offered for a certain time frame?
Forgot to mention I have used the Ugg spray and the Nordstrom spray. They all perform well for water resistance and dust resistance.
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