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CalTex, interesting question. I was in AE Philly yesterday and they sold me "chili" for edge dressing for my walnut strands and daltons.
Try a tongue pad or an insole. I am between sizes in a few of my shoes. For some, a tongue pad does the trick, for others, a thin insole fixes it. For example, I am between sizes in Tru-Balanace and a thin insole helped. For a pair of shoes by another manufacturer, a tongue pad fixed some heel slip.
I did some searching through the thread and did not find an exact answer. What products do you use for your marlows/lindricks/etc? I brush after every wear and use reno after a few wears. Now I am looking for something to increase the shine. I know we have all reported difficulties in accomplishing this with the shell used for these shoes but I am curious to see everyone's strategies. I just watched the C&J video http://www.crockettandjones.com/ShoeCare and am wondering...
Thank - you Adele. Got my natural cxl Faulkners last week, they are awesome, will post some pics soon
Will the MTO shirts be a continuous option or are they only offered for a certain time frame?
Forgot to mention I have used the Ugg spray and the Nordstrom spray. They all perform well for water resistance and dust resistance.
Meltonian suede spray is excellent - I have used it on various suede colors with no ill effects
barrie = marlow for me, fit very well I think the sizes on the polo site are UK but it shouldn't matter for adjusting - my barrie size is 7.5, I have the marlows in 7.5 and love them
Big section of ladies RRL at the West Broadway shop this week. Never been there before so I can't say if that is normal or not. Interesting point, when I was there, women outnumbered men in the shop.
+1 for Sherman Brothers - great service, nice guys
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