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Does anyone have a price list for the annual C&J sale?
Da Vinci: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. When I got married last year (29 at the time), I remember thinking about tinkering with black tie. Then I realized black tie dress code is specific for a reason. Looking at our wedding pictures, I'm glad I stuck to the rules and am happy to have a tux now for whenever the situation requires.
Nick at B Nelson resoled a pair of Carminas for me earlier this year. He indicated the original soles were not authentic dainite. He called me to go over my order and my recollection was he commented that he had to do a little more work because he uses authentic dainite. Nothing I said here is fact, simply my experience.
Any update on delivery date?
[[SPOILER]] Has the shipment landed???? How does everything look? Excited for the polo suede boots!
]Thanks for the update, Steve. Any idea on the split toe boots?
Steve, any updates on any of the gmto orders? Particularly the Polo suede Wingtip boot and the pebble grain nst boot.
Looking niceI think we live across the street from each other. I'm in "the village" if that means anything to you
If a medium Epaulet flannel is snug, does that mean a Large heirloom sweater is a good choice?
after a wedding last night
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