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FF swatches look great - going to be a tough decision
re: golden globes: I was surprised by 1) how many people noticeably wore no waist covering (RL even put pictures of people in their clothing with shirts showing beneath their jacket buttons on social media) and 2) the number of men without ties/bowties
I have not brushed them vigorously. Are they a candidate for brushing with a horsehair brush? I have used a suede brush on discreet parts of the shoe to test how that would work. This leather does not have nap like a suede. It is more of a smooth leather; think 24 grit versus 220 grit. In my opinion, vigorously brushing would pull oils out of the leather and cause the darkening. Therefore, I have avoided it. The darkening I can understand, the creasing is what upsets me.
Sorry for the picture quality, they are from a galaxy s4. Some are with flash, some are without flash to try to give you comprehensive ideaThey are definitely great shoes. I like them a lot and enjoy wearing them. I wish they wore more evenly but considering the nature of this leather, its not totally unexpected.
This happened after the first wear outside (after the Mac break in on carpet first). I sent pictures to Che and she said its normal. I have a pair of RL chamois shoes that look fine. They are at my office I will post pictures tomorrow.
I have them and love the design. I am not happy with how the leather on one shoe has 1) formed creases within the creases and 2) turned significantly darker than the other shoe.The design is great - bombproof leather and sole on a great chassis. My only wish would be that they wore in a little better.
darn it the carmina alt wien is in my size........
I wore walnut daltons with a navy pinstripe suit on Christmas Eve. Got a lot of complements on the look....
captoe boot is up edit: brixton is up too edit: all 3 aldens are posted
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