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I have used Tacco insoles in my Indy boots with good results. I have also had good results with insoles in other shoes. I can't think of a reason it would not work in alden barrie shoes and wanted to poll the group for a reason not to consider the 8.5s....... thank-you all for the input
hmmm interested....has anyone used an insole for an alden barrie shoe that is a tad too long? What are your experiences?
Looking good.Are the strands the same color as the webgem? Do you have more pictures of them?
I have the blue suede swb and love them. Navy chromexcel is not a personal favorite. I was not sure how versatile the blue suede would be but now I find a lot of chances to wear them. They are very comfortable as well, the sole is great.
I wasn't clear enough. The tongue will "wander" to the outside which on the right boot will be to the right. This will make the off centered tongue even more pronounced......and I didn't correct my typo fast enough (left vs right)
The flaw could be the tongue on the right boot. It might not stay centered and over time might ride to the right. This happened with my first quality Daltons. The options were: deal with it or have the cobbler stitch the tongue in place. I decided to deal with it and adjust through the day because the boot can be difficult to get into with the tongue stitched in place.
Did you go TTS with respect to length?
I'm waiting for the sale to pick up the suede strand. Any indication if cordovan is included?
No, dalton and strand both fit well when sized appropriately. Sizing is not really relevant to my dilemma though as both the strand and jefferson are on 5-65 last; unless I am misreading.
Can't decide between Strand and Jefferson webgems. I have walnut calf strands and walnut calf daltons (and marlows and an alden sw), so the cap toe vs short wing styles are both covered. This would be adding to the depth chart with a more versatile color.....hmmm....
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