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Robert,I just sent you an email to your RL.com address and wanted to let you know on this forum so its not some weird person randomly emailing you. I did reference this thread.thank-you for your help.
I chimed in! Thanks for doing an ama, this is fun....and excptional customer relations
Thank-you for responding. That makes sense and I figured as much.
You have me thinking about this more now and I have question about cemented shoes. I like the shape of C&J's Cheam for my wedding next year. They are cemented soles. Do the same sentiments hold true for formal shoes? For some background, these shoes will not be worn more than once per year beyond my wedding next year.
I hang mine in the bathroom when I shower. In my opinion the steam helps.
happened to me too
Items still show as full price when added to the cart for me........
Anyone know if Purple Label is included?
sorry for the bad ipad pics.The blue suedes left blisters for a while until they were thoroughly broken in - now that they are stretched they are incredibly comfortable. You will enjoy them for sure.
Interesting. Mine have been giving me trouble and I ordered barrie size. The definitely do not line up to other barrie shoes I have; in the pictures attached its Leffot's tobacco chamoid barrie lwb..
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