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Do you have any plans to restock the Carmina Black calf Wingtip? I am looking for 7.5UK. Going to order the Brown Chromexcel Wingtip Boot right now.
Thank-you very much.
How does the Robert last fit? Research seems to say Barrie = Robert size. Any other comparisons? Also, if Barrie = Robert, does that mean 8US in Barrie = 8UK for Robert? That may seem like a dumb question because US to UK conversion charts say to size down 0.5 from US size to get your UK size. I simply want to confirm before I have shoes shipped from Sweden. Thank-you very much. I did try to research before posting here to save the post.
Navy suit by RLWalnut Calf strandsprobably could have done a better job with sock fact, what was i thinking [[SPOILER]]
OK, website is back up. I have the dark brown calf double monk, Hiro last.Brannock: 8.5AE 5-last: 8AE 1-last: 8.5Barrie: 8Trubalanace: 7.5C&J 341: 8C&J 325: 8Sidi: 41.5I emailed Meermin those sizes and they advised 7.5. The fit is great and I am happy with the shoes. The shoes seem to have mixed reviews but I enjoy mine and have no quality issues.
I have had good results when emailing them my brannock size and sizes in various popular lasts and asking their advice. I have the double monk (Hiro last I think, website seems to be down atm) and their sizing advice was spot on. Their estimated time of arrival give at order was spot on, almost to the day.
so I'm not crazy.......
I apologize and will rephrase. I have read people asking about sizing differences between calf and cordovan models on the same last.
I have a trip to Philly next week for a few meetings and I have been to Chestnut St shop a few times. Problem (or blessing) is, I trust advice here more than there from my experiences. I have my fit dialed for 5-last shoes. However, I have read about people going with different AE sizes on the same last between calf and cordovan. Will probably stop in though....
Looking good.Do you have other 5-last shoes? Did you go with the same size? These are on my list, but I am trying to nail down sizing on AE cordovan vs calf.
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