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My post had nothing to do with why it happened, I was recounting my experience. Regardless, my point was that the deepest discounts come at the end of the sales which is well beyond the expiration of private sale. Its a gamble that your size will not be available. The question was about a RL suit "as cheap as possible" and I gave my opinion.Also, I am sure others can attest to finding deep discounts right before sales end. Even on the website, discounts start at a certain...
Are you near a store and do you have a sales associate you work with frequently? If so, wait until the spring sale is almost over then go for it. I got a blue label blue suit for less than $500 (sticker was $1600 iirc) at the end of the spring sale a few years ago.
never that I can remember
So you're saying marlow = trubalance (which = barrie by most accounts). I (perhaps boldly) believe this is because the sizing of the Marlows is UK. This would not explain mediahound's size difference but it would explain the size difference in my pictures. In mediahound's example, his 8.5 Marlow (if UK sized), would be a US 9/9.5. However, in his picture, the US 8 LWB is longer than the 8.5 Marlow. If my theory on UK sizing was correct, it would be the other way: an 8...
Crappy iPad pic - taken with heels squared off with t-square, another t-square by toes for reference - keep in mind the Dalton's, Marlows, strands and desert boots have 360 welts which make the shoe slightly longer My brannock size is 8.5 as measured at various retail and podiatry locations Dalton's are 8.5 - sole length: 11 1/8" Rancourt for prl are 8 - sole length: 11" exactly Marlows are 7.5 (not a typo) - sole length: 11 1/8" Indys are 8 - sole length: 11.5" and...
barrie = marlow....and here comes the twice annual several page barrage of "how do i get an invite" posts
did not get mine yet - for the fall pre sale, mine came day before it started
Now comes several pages of the twice annual "how do I get an invite" posts
My dark brown double monks are coming in less than 15 days, if you can wait I will certainly post pictures when I get them.
I emailed them with sizes I wear in common lasts, one of them being the AE 5 last. They responded to size one down from that. I am a 8.5 brannock, and 8.5 in 5 last (uncommon I know but I've been fitted by the pros). Meet in specifically said to order 7.5 so I did. I will report back when they arrive which they are saying will be in 2 weeks or less.
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