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I'm an avid shooter too, sporting clays shooting is the best. It was cool to see that this group was interested. Pants look great, wish they were still available.
Mike can you provide details on the pants you wore shooting today? Great pics from the range on your tumblr.
The size guide for these pants is excellent. Before I pull the trigger, any sizing advice? Do people go TTS for waist measurement. My concern is that I need pants with room in the thigh. Can anyone compare the fit to any other well known pant/cut? EP RCs, for example, do not work for me. For denim I go straight or relaxed fits for everything. Most my pants are between 32 and 33 so its a tough call. I measured my favorite chinos for a comparison and am coming up between...
Is there a rule about cumberbund vs waistcoat depending on collar type? For example, with a full turndown collar, is one more appropriate?
Ok, after doing a lot of research and reading black tie guide, I am having trouble answering the following question. Do pleated shirts work with three piece (waistcoat) tuxedos? Should a flat front shirt be worn if I want a three piece tuxedo for my wedding? In my opinion, a narrow pleat shirt would look fine, however your insight would be appreciated. Thank-you in advance.
Wow, Robert S is great to work with. Thank-you for the incredible service.
Robert,I just sent you an email to your RL.com address and wanted to let you know on this forum so its not some weird person randomly emailing you. I did reference this thread.thank-you for your help.
I chimed in! Thanks for doing an ama, this is fun....and excptional customer relations
New Posts  All Forums: