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Weird, I'm not seeing it on the site. Also, the items in my wish list have not changed price. Is there a code?
The gift card promotion ends tonight online. My bet is the sale will start tomorrow online.
Would anyone be interested in a carmina gmto with the following specs? I'm open to your opinions, too - at this point it's brainstorming, nothing set Carmina Forest last or similar Polo or snuff suede Dainite sole Any eyelet config So it would be similar to the Faulkner short wing Epaulet did a few years ago. I love that shoe
Nice collection! What are the details of the short wings? Looks like the trees say carmina
I would consider if dainite soles
[[SPOILER]] GMTO #3.80229 Punched Captoe Boots (Unlined Shaft) / Rain / Polo Suede / Dainite [[SPOILER]] If you do #3 in anything other than Rain, I can be convinced. Forest perhaps?
@Epaulet - can the Cramerton be done in Rudy fit? If not, how similar is the Military Twill to Cramerton?
How does C&J handle payment for GMTO? Is it paid all at once up front or a payment upon order and one before delivery?
The invoice for Carmina 80189 split toe in vegano marron came this morning!
Polo suede wingtip boots Two more of the scotch grain split toe boot
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