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Details on the grey overcoat, please!
Nice gloves. Do you mind sharing the details?
YES!! Wonderful news! Thank you!Now, back to the squat rack for me
I'd be shocked if they turn out to be from either of those makers. The quality of the boots in the picture seems way above either maker, in my opinion.
Any advice on how to find these boots? A reverse image search turned up a few tumblrs and instagrams but after reviewing them, I found no information on maker/model. Any advice is appreciated.
I would be interested depending on final details
Hello everyone. I did a search but could not find an answer. I lost a button from the fly on a pair of rivet chinos. Are there any recommendations on where to find a similar replacement? To me, something from the link below seems fine but I wanted to check with there experts first. Thank-you!
Is there a Lindrick GMTO open? I read in another thread about it but have not been following oselt enough.
Any idea when the Saddle Boots will be available for purchase? The only information I see is from the social feeds; no email about them.
@epaulet The fall outwear sounds excellent, I'm looking forward to seeing it. Any chance of a grey puffer vest like you did a few seasons ago? I recall a cashmere one but a grey wool would be sweet.
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