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Okay since my last post I have put in just about 340 miles so 3412? Sorry for the pro-longed absence. Life has been busy but running is coming around. Miss you all. Any big prs or notes I have missed? Im selling my Guidi Oxfords that I have worn 3-5 times and just had vibramed. Gotta get an engagement ring. Check out on e-bay or make me an offer.
Just a check in - I am in week 2 of no running. Overtraining Syndrome in a major way took its toll, and the only way I am going to get better is to rest. It was hard to accept at first, but doing strength is helping. WIll resume running the last weekend of march. On a separate note Not sure if there has been any speculation amongst y'all on the adidas boost but it is a cool shoe! It just runs small.
Tues - BRUTAL track workout (30mph winds and pouring rain) 8 miles w/ 400/800/1600/800/400 ladder. Splits were too slow to mention mostly but about 525 for the mile at what felt like 445 effort. Weds- 10 easy 715 pace Today-9.5 w/ 2 miles barefoot on grass and drills.
Re: Shin splints - lots of different remedies, but the classic is to take a paper cup, fill it with water and freeze it. Then tear off the paper little by little and use it to ice the affected areas. Using proper shoes will certainly help, but if you are using good shoes and are still feeling pain cut back on running downhill for a while, try to stay off pavement and other hard surfaces as much as possible and take plenty of time to rest/cross train until you are feeling...
Sunday 16 w/ 10 miles at sub 610 pace. Walked 28 fri-sun, and ran 24. I think I ended up with just under 70 miles running, but well over 90 in total! Yesterday 8 miles at 740 pace. Signed up for the Chicago marathon today. (registration opened at 12p cst and the race will sell out fast so if you want to do it sign up today!)
I race in the FK racers for distances up to the half marathon (would probably use them for a full). - if you sized up a half to full size you should be fine (as is the normal practice for 'performance footwear') Otherwise your feet are probably swelling up. Also the racer is built to be ran fast in. Depending on your running form/weight/pace it is hard to say what is causing the problem. I race in the fk racers, but do most of my mileage in pegasus 29's - the best neutral...
In my experience, if you ask 5 runners (of any caliber) you will get 5 different answers. It isn't likely that you will bulk up, so if you have the patience and time go for it in the gym.8 for me in san fran today, along w 9 miles of tourism walking. Tiring stuff. it was very irritating to run through the urban jungle, so many stop lights!
4 turn arounds. The purpose is to practice surging without any recovery, and as a result also stimulate the body to recover from going aerobic more quickly. 9.3 trail run with a headlamp last night. Spooky. 11.6 this am really easy.
Sorry to hear you are banged up clarinetplayer. That sucks bad. Godspeed with recovery. 11oclock - congrats on the pr. That is huge. Now you gotta smash 17! Track tuesday for me last night: 1x1mile in 509 3 sets of what my coach calls 100's where you basically sprint 100 down the backstretch,make a tight turn and sprint back for 500 total yards with no recovery. Extremely painful. Then 1 800 in 226. The mile felt labored, but I closed strong on the last 800. I think I am...
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