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Wow. Nice indeed. I do like that Panerai as well.
tumbleweed rolls by...
^ A compass??
The khaki titanium is but it might be priced a bit high for you. Also, Steinhart has a pilot watch in the $500 range. http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Khaki-Aviation-Titanium-H70575733/dp/B0085M30CA
[/QUOTE] Hi Dopey, Interesting story about your TAG and its journey up and down Kilimanjaro.  Based on that story you clearing understand that moisture getting inside a watch, can come from sources other than submersion in water.  I think many of us often think about water resistance in a very limited  sense, simply wearing it to swim in a pool or the ocean.  However, other factors beyond water can lead to moisture getting into a watch, be it extreme temperatures swings,...
Well if you aren't opposed to used, check Timezone or Watch Recon. http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=6665993&rid=0
What diameter and price range?Max Bill Junghans or Stowa Antea maybe.
From what I have seen at MD, I wouldn't call any of their clothes flashy. It might just seem shiny in the pics. Their cuts are a bit on the contemporary side.
I prefer black dials as well on more sporty watches including the Partitio. However the poster did request a white one. Another one to throw out there but very close to the 1k mark is the Longines Conquest (comes in 39mm and 41mm I think). I never thought much of it until I tried one on.
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