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You might have better luck in the TWAT thread for finding alternatives. People don't really discuss these types of watches here. http://www.styleforum.net/t/36253/the-watch-appreciation-thread/31950#post_7145713 I don't think age has anything to do with a Rolex if you want it and can afford it. I have looked at the 116610 and it is a stunning watch. Perhaps a bit flashy as well. If I were to suggest a cheaper alternative it would be difficult. Probably the Omega PO...
That sounds about right. Just make sure it's not a quartz. Find it locally if you can, even just to try on and see if it's for you.Prestige Time is also a known seller but selection is sometimes limited.http://www.prestigetime.com/brand/longines.html
Golfinz, I would keep checking watch recon, they certainly seem to hover around 4500-5k. Here's a recent. http://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=352143
Hot moms?
Based on your pic, it looks like you are looking for a diver, black dial, black rotating bezel, steel case, bracelet. If that's right, then I would probably recommmend a Longines Hydro Conquest. New they are too much but you can find them slightly used at your price point ranging in size from 39mm and...
Stowa, IWC and Laco (although IWC is definitely over 1k). Stowas are a bit small in comparison to the 55mm originals though so I don't get really hung up on whether they are an original maker or an homage.
I have a few Stowa straps. I would avoid the $20 euro ones. They seem alright at first but they don't age well. The other one I have is the black nappa leather. Very nice leather and holds up well. I imagine the croc is the same.
Personally, I would go with a light coloured shirt either blue or lavender. The Oxford shoes are black I hope.
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