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Nomos seems to be moving in an interesting direction adding some more expensive watches with new movements. http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=6638854&rid=0#msg_6638854 The Lambda
I've been getting the UK edition on my ipad for about a year. It is much better than the US version.
[[SPOILER]] Well said. I dumped my Hamilton after one year at a small loss. The upside was that I became more interested in watches and understood better what I liked. Although Hamilton is great value for money (re: the argument above), it's about as vanilla as you can get in the watch world.
Your pants cover that part of the shoe, so it's not like anyone will notice it unless your sitting. Even so, it does not look bad. So as long as the fit is good and you feet are comfortable, its fine.
It looks like a significant gap to me but if they feel ok then I wouldn't worry about it. Can you do the lacing any tighter at the top of the vamp? That might help.
A good time to reintroduce the minimum post requirement.
Stunning. Congrats.
I would start here. http://www.styleforum.net/a/how-do-i-look-cool http://www.styleforum.net/t/137764/blogs-and-stores Remember order of buying new things. 1. Fit 2. Fit 3. Quality Buy basics at first and then expand.
What are you not sure about?There is not a lot of difference on the inside between watches of this price range. They are either a quartz or a low cost mechanical movement. In that case if you like the looks of the DW, I would get it.
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