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I have seen these before on this thread. Honestly love that bezel and dial.Seikos are a comparison, Im just not in this price range anymore. And if I were looking in the 300-400 range I would personally go for a used Hamilton or Steinhart, maybe a vintage...
Nice, but I would love to see a better pic (less blurry) with the jacket and shirt cuff.
Bunnies and seals are friends aren't they? It works.
I don't like to tell people what to buy especially since I am not fan of Seagull watches. I understand though that they hit a very good price point for what you get and that their movements are arguably up to ETA standards. You should buy what you like.However, I will say a mineral glass is fine on a vintage watch but on a modern watch it's a pain in the ass. I can see it being scratched daily.
The more expensive one has a movement similar (clone) of the ETA 2824-2. They also state that the case is better. Is it? They both have sapphire glass.Also, I think the dial looks better and will probably be a bit more reliable.RW...nice Seiko.
Welcome to SF.
I thought he just worked in a watch store. No?
Etro does make some more subtle versions, if you call gingham and butcher stripe more subtle. They do work better in a casual ensemble. I agree with Frisky.
I believe they all sold out. Expert marketing by Shinola. I don't think they were made to appeal to the typical watch enthusiast anyway, just the masses that would not spend more than $500 on a watch.PS, it looks pretty similar to the Hamilton Khaki for the same price.
Wow, nice strap watch combo.This. I totally agree. I don't mind a sports watch with an odd jacket and it can look ok with the suit as long as it isn't too big.
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