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^ that is good to know. I wondered that myself.
As much as I have experimented with the Speedmaster on different straps it looks great with just about anything (and I do like the racing strap). However, bracelet is best. It just is, it is also very comfortable. Also, I do believe in matching the strap to the shoes/belt. Not an exact match but browns and blacks separated.
Fossil is shit, lets move on.
Kent Wang Bauhaus watch? Hamilton Jazzmaster, Steinhart Marine.
Massimo Dutti has some shoes in that price range. (Umbrellas too). I rather like the quality for the price there but to be honest I have not tried their shoes. They are in no way to be compared to high end makers but they are better than say a Banana Republic and many of the lower end chain stores. Maybe check out Boggi as well. Explore lots, there are a lot of smaller men's shops I did not get the chance to look through. I am sure if you look around you might find...
Do it and post pictures.
Nomos seems to be moving in an interesting direction adding some more expensive watches with new movements. http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=6638854&rid=0#msg_6638854 The Lambda
I've been getting the UK edition on my ipad for about a year. It is much better than the US version.
[[SPOILER]] Well said. I dumped my Hamilton after one year at a small loss. The upside was that I became more interested in watches and understood better what I liked. Although Hamilton is great value for money (re: the argument above), it's about as vanilla as you can get in the watch world.
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