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Yeah you are right.
I thought this was a forum for people with style and sophistication. Not one for broke jealous wannabes. You're either a troll or in the wrong thread. Post in the Watch Appreciation thread if you are serious. Who brings up a thread called Poor Mans Watch thread and starts bragging about how to save on 50k watches? I'm pretty sure troll.
Why are you posting this pretentious humblebrag bullshit in the Poor man's watch thread? Yeah no kidding. What a dick.
I like it. Dial and blue hands look great. I think it was a good idea going with a handwind as well.
Prestige Time is another good one to check for several brands. http://www.prestigetime.com/brand/Tag-Heuer.html
I believe that HR have their own models. OP really has to just try them to see which model fits him if at all.I have one of each. To be fair, I paid double for my MTM Tilford/Samuelsohn over Boss on sale and it shows. HB material and construction is inferior. OTR for both brands at HR should be pretty close in price. I will say one thing for Boss, the cut serves me well and although it may not last as long, I will continue to wear it (mostly to interviews).
Wow. Love it!
If Vintage watches don't scare you, that is a good way to go. They tend to range from 34-38mm. If you go to Watch Recon and type in "vintage", there should be quite a few in several price ranges.I hate to say it but you overpaid and that might be because of your location. Hamiltons are mostly under 1k USD except for chronos which always go for more.
A source of debate. I posted a $500 watch and I was told it was the wrong thread.
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