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Some pics of the THC in Blue. Still growing on me, contemplating trading it for a BB in blue. We'll see.
I would buy off a watch site over ebay any day. Ie. TimeZone, Watchuseek or Rolex forums. Better sellers, prices and less risk.
All that said, they are beautiful watches with in house movements. I particularly like their 60's and 70's models which are a bit more unique. If they are considered a poor man's Lange, I will never be in Lange territory so I would consider them an option.
Agree with H there. Longines and Omega will be your most affordable options and both offer up to 38mm sizes if that's what you are looking for. I don't think there is a significant advantage of Omega or Tudor over Longines except collectibility, so you will pay more. I never really see vintage Cartiers and I don't think they will be in that price range. Other options? - Hamilton - Eterna - Gerard Perregaux
I liked the hour markers better on the blue. Also the colour scheme is kind of cool. Sellers seem to be selling used ones a bit of a premium over the black and orange.
^ Nice. Did you buy it new? Still waiting on my THC. Stuck in customs.
Ingenieur 3227
You know you've probably reached a good point in your life when you consider a 3k watch a beater.
I like the Blue better all around. Maybe just because it's newer. Just picked up the THC.
I never met a seller that would decline a wire transfer. Maybe offer that. Unless someone here knows him. Do you know anyone in NYC that could get it for you in person?
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