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Thanks Dino, that is helfpful. I was looking at M or newer and I have read different points of view on the bracelet. It's not a component I am hung up on. After talking with a local watchmaker, it was his opinion that the later models with the 3186 movement would be more collectible. I realize of course that is only his opinion as he also liked the previous version better for other reasons including the size....and then there is the price difference.I tried on the new...
Speaking of Rolex, I have been looking at the Polar Explorer but haven't been able to find the older model with the 3186/3185 to try on. Any opinions about preference between the new and old? Not so much on the movement but on the size, dial and bracelet changes.
Agreed, although you could also probably say that about most watch functions and I always thought of the chrono as one of the most important achievments in watchmaking. Let's face it, they're cool especially the flyback. As far as useability is concerned, I think dual time should also be in most people's collections.hahaha.I was talking to a datejust owner (didn't know him well) and he had asked me what he thought I could get if he sold his 30yr old datejust. I said,...
I find those look very similar to the Longines Legend Diver.
He's not set up for you to browse around and try a bunch of things on. If you are going down there to make a purchase(s) you may be able to set up an appointment.
You might want to check out the Zenith Pilot as an alternative to the one above. Much closer in appearance to the IWC although maybe not as iconic.
Forget the touque, what coat is that?
It's been that long since you purchased a shirt for under $250? Checking out CEGO in about a week. Looking forward to it.
If she's down with wearing a man's watch, why wouldn't you get something different so you have two watches to choose from?
[/quote] I'd have to sell my heart to afford that watch.[/quote] Don't sell yourself short, I bet you could get it for a limb.
New Posts  All Forums: