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I hate everything you've picked. Do you have other options? Is a black suit all you own?
I like MZ's list best but Hammer, I think for number 6 you meant Chronograph.
Hadn't read this in years and came across it today. Still funny and mostly true. http://velociphilewatch.blogspot.ca/2005/10/guide-to-buying-watch-part-2.html
That Zenith is pretty cool.
Archimede http://www.archimede-watches.com/archimede-watches-collection-pilot-deckwatch-klassik-diver-outdoor-automatic-handwound-chronograph-2824-6498-7750/deckwatch-handwound-marine-navy-6498.html Stowa http://www.stowa.de/lshop,showdetail,139737007311076,en,1397370101-11117,marine,marineautdatum,1,Tshowrub--marine,.htm Laco https://shop.laco.de/en/Navy-Watch/Navy-Miyota.html
Belligero, beautiful pics.
Academe, I hope you are very close with that uncle.
You mean this? http://www.tie-knots.org/how-to-fold-a-pocket-square3.html
Well hello. Haven't seen this one yet.Crap, didn't realize the center links were polished.
Understood. Really appreciate your thoughts guys.
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