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Pilots are why I started to get into into watches. Sold my Cyma and now looking at some military style replacements. Not pilots I suppose. Possibly the Nomos Club, Tudor Ranger or Sinn. I don't need any more chronographs.
[[SPOILER]] Nice watches. Welcome.
It's a great piece I think. If you get it and you are into mods, this has always been one I liked, probably because I prefer the PO bezel.
I bought one for my Omega Speedmaster (silver bezel) but it just didn't look quite right. I went with a more distressed thick dark brown strap after that and then eventually back to the bracelet. I've seen some that look very nice on Panerais.
I've never seen that second one. worries.
Ah, misread Viewmaster. The strap is outside on both.The first two show the single and double deployment. is single deployment open.Double.Not my pics.
Some updated pics of my Transocean on a brown aftermarket strap. I do prefer the strap but it now sits higher on my wrist making it more difficult to hide under the cuff. This is my first experience with "Brietling style" and it will take some time to break in. I find it quite similar to Stowa's Nappa strap I had on my Antea but for half the price. I am pretty impressed with the quality so far. I will see how it wears. I am tempted to locate a darker brown, black or...
Tease.I thought the Jazzmaster had a 20mm strap? You will certainly appreciate Alligator or Croc, it makes a great strap. If you do get a deployment, my 2 cents is get the single for comfort. I had a double deployment on my strap and I didn't really care for it. Plus it became a bit finicky.
It is German, it is unique and it is cool. Enjoy and please post pics.PS. You might like the strap.
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