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I've always thought of the Aqua Terra as a perfect one watch that looks great in all situations. Nice movement. Problem is, it's just one of those watches I will never lust after.
JCrew tab shorts seem like an option. https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/swim/65tabswimshorts/PRDOVR~A0068/A0068.jsp
I'd like to bump this thread. I need some new swim shorts this summer and I like the look of Sunspel but agree that the $200 price tag seems a bit excessive. Does anyone have any alternatives to offer that are similar in quality and style? They don't have to be James Bond worthy.
100m should be good for swimming, water sports and snorkeling. My guess is that it wasn't properly sealed.
I prefer the vintage Seamasters myself. Just a preference for sure but I also think they wear a bit larger.
Agreed a great choice. Very thin, a good size at 37mm and from what I understand the new lugs allow for a quicker strap change. Nice design.
From yesterday driving. A very subtle lume.
You don't like the new Sub?
If it must be Rolex, what about the Explorer I?
Tell us what you really think.
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