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Well if you aren't opposed to used, check Timezone or Watch Recon. http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=6665993&rid=0
What diameter and price range?Max Bill Junghans or Stowa Antea maybe.
From what I have seen at MD, I wouldn't call any of their clothes flashy. It might just seem shiny in the pics. Their cuts are a bit on the contemporary side.
I prefer black dials as well on more sporty watches including the Partitio. However the poster did request a white one. Another one to throw out there but very close to the 1k mark is the Longines Conquest (comes in 39mm and 41mm I think). I never thought much of it until I tried one on.
I never liked the large 12 and 6 on the Khaki Officer mind you that is just preference. As long as your slinging Stowa, I would suggest the other models as well that can be had for less like the Antea or often ignored Partitio (all in at $850 US)
^If there's no date function why would you use a winder? Overkill my friend.
Cool. I assume it's an auto? Similar to the Hamilton Khaki and based on British MOD watches in WWII.
That's what I thought you meant. I'm pretty sire HY ships USPS. Correct? Would you not think that is more likely to impact your delivery? If you think the delivery would be the same as ordering in September, you're kidding yourself,
Yeah you are right.
New Posts  All Forums: