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I love panda dials.
I looked up the watch on watchuseek. A really nice example but does seem a bit high compared to other ones I've seen. I'm always concerned on pricing restorations as well. I'd love to hear the experts chime in.
The bracelet is very similar to rolex models except maybe wider at 22mm. As comfortable as the bracelet is, I prefer the look of it on the OEM Nato.
My Speedmaster with the Piguet movement cost about $650 for a full service. Mind you it had to go back three times (kind of glad I moved on from that watch). I get what you guys are saying though, and not that I am shocked by the amount, it just makes me realize there is an added benefit to having mass produced movement particularly if you are sporting a larger collection.In regards to OEM servicing, I would go no other way if I were intending to take the watch anywhere...
^ ouch. ETA watches aren't looking so bad.
[[SPOILER]] Love this pic.
Purists might detract from the 12 hour inner bezel in favour of a 24 hour one but personally I love it. The size is a killer for me though. For a more sporty watch, I prefer the outer bezel on the Rolex GMT as well.
I like the Terranaut but not a fan of the date function on the dial. I think Sinn does it better. I agree the Ranger is a bit of a poor man's explorer but I do like the painted numerals and the bracelet even if it isn't integrated. If I went with Stowa it would probably be the 2801 hand wind. Any fans out there of the Glycine Airman? Too busy?Decisions.
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