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Stowa, IWC and Laco (although IWC is definitely over 1k). Stowas are a bit small in comparison to the 55mm originals though so I don't get really hung up on whether they are an original maker or an homage.
I have a few Stowa straps. I would avoid the $20 euro ones. They seem alright at first but they don't age well. The other one I have is the black nappa leather. Very nice leather and holds up well. I imagine the croc is the same.
Personally, I would go with a light coloured shirt either blue or lavender. The Oxford shoes are black I hope.
The last AD I went to told me that previous models were pretty much obsolete next to the new ones. They are strictly trying to make a buck. That is bad advice though. Edit: Actually not an official AD so that might be the difference.
Picking ones not mentioned (because a lot of good ones are). Make sure not to count VAT: I kind of dig the new Tutimas even though they are getting mixed reviews. I believe their new pilot can be had for less than 1k. http://tutima.com/wp-tutima/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/sshow_Tutima_6101_02_Image.jpg Stowa does have great pilots but what about Laco? They also have some history and they have nice 45mm brushed steel...
Add a +1 for cotton (good advice cbuff). It's breathable and casual. Linen is ok, but I would prefer a blend.
I hate everything you've picked. Do you have other options? Is a black suit all you own?
I like MZ's list best but Hammer, I think for number 6 you meant Chronograph.
Hadn't read this in years and came across it today. Still funny and mostly true. http://velociphilewatch.blogspot.ca/2005/10/guide-to-buying-watch-part-2.html
That Zenith is pretty cool.
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