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I think the Ex 1 (still on my list), Inge or the mark xv are all good choices but since I am all about the Transocean lately, I would also suggest in that midrange, versatile business casual watch the Transocean day date. Saw this one in the mid threes (used). Also the chrono can be had for well under 5k.
I love the faded bezel. I've seen some with almost a light grey that look amazing.
Maybe I missed it earlier but out of curiosity what size are your wrists Foo? +1 on Mimo's statement above. I do think the Pam looks good though.
I don't believe there are similar restrictions coming into Canada but I was referring to all brands.I have shipped watches without a declared value, it's a bad idea. Customs will decide on a price for you and in one case it was double the value of the watch.If you carried it across and had no box and papers to transport it is pretty low risk. If you lower the value prior to shipping, you need a seller to lie and they might not be willing to do that, especially when it...
Well yes of course. I am presuming that you are declaring it or ordering it by mail. If you bought something with B&P and lie about it, they can fine you as well.
That doesn't sound right. You will pay duty on all watch purchases. I believe you pay GST on new watches but I am never 100% sure on this. I assume if you are in Ontario or Quebec provincial tax gets added also. The only tax you are avoiding is the state tax.My last cross border purchase for a used watch worked out to 5% which I believe was duty only.
The 7 day in particular is one of the most stunning watches I have seen. I am also a fan of the Ingenieur I just don't like the fact they use ETA movements at their price point modified or not. If they were less, I wouldn't bat an eye to pick one up.
Yeah I didn't want to blow a wad on an OEM strap so I ordered this. http://www.strappedfortime.com/shop/item.aspx/breitling-vintage-calf-watch-band-strap/322/
I've been eyeing this one for awhile while looking for a something versatile. It beat out the exII I had in mind but I might still grab an ex1 to compliment it. I really needed something with a date function. I do think I prefer it on a strap though. Also, I need to take better pictures.
http://www.ablogtowatch.com/tag-heuer-formula-1-gmt-watch/Interesting take...
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