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I like a lot of the suggestions above including the Longines but I thought I would offer less expensive alternatives based on your favourite four watches above. 1. Rolex...I don't think you will find anything really close to the deepsea other than the deepsea itself. However, as mentioned above Tudor is the closest thing to Rolex without being a Rolex. The Black Bay or Pelagos (if you actually dive) are both solid choices and despite the standard movements, their...
I've been meaning to much do you guys trust the depth rating of watches 100 WR or more that do not have a screw down crown? Would you even take them swimming?
Matte Alligator...or is it the colour you are after?
+1 on all of that. Lots of people slamming the 42mm version but I really liked it.Most strap pics I have seen with EXP II have been on Natos.
Picked this up for the purpose of flipping it but it's growing on me.
You mean daytoba?I thought the same thing but what do I know. I do know that there are a lot of people will believe anything they read on the internet without any supporting evidence like a photo maybe.
Very nice Zippy.
You can always search in Watch Recon by date or set up an alert . For example I typed in 1965 and there were several hits. Here are a couple. I used to follow some vintage sites but haven't checked them in a long time. Watchcat Second time around Finer...
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