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The bracelet is very similar to rolex models except maybe wider at 22mm. As comfortable as the bracelet is, I prefer the look of it on the OEM Nato.
My Speedmaster with the Piguet movement cost about $650 for a full service. Mind you it had to go back three times (kind of glad I moved on from that watch). I get what you guys are saying though, and not that I am shocked by the amount, it just makes me realize there is an added benefit to having mass produced movement particularly if you are sporting a larger collection.In regards to OEM servicing, I would go no other way if I were intending to take the watch anywhere...
^ ouch. ETA watches aren't looking so bad.
[[SPOILER]] Love this pic.
Purists might detract from the 12 hour inner bezel in favour of a 24 hour one but personally I love it. The size is a killer for me though. For a more sporty watch, I prefer the outer bezel on the Rolex GMT as well.
I like the Terranaut but not a fan of the date function on the dial. I think Sinn does it better. I agree the Ranger is a bit of a poor man's explorer but I do like the painted numerals and the bracelet even if it isn't integrated. If I went with Stowa it would probably be the 2801 hand wind. Any fans out there of the Glycine Airman? Too busy?Decisions.
Pilots are why I started to get into into watches. Sold my Cyma and now looking at some military style replacements. Not pilots I suppose. Possibly the Nomos Club, Tudor Ranger or Sinn. I don't need any more chronographs.
[[SPOILER]] Nice watches. Welcome.
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