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You might want to check out the Zenith Pilot as an alternative to the one above. Much closer in appearance to the IWC although maybe not as iconic.
Forget the touque, what coat is that?
It's been that long since you purchased a shirt for under $250? Checking out CEGO in about a week. Looking forward to it.
If she's down with wearing a man's watch, why wouldn't you get something different so you have two watches to choose from?
[/quote] I'd have to sell my heart to afford that watch.[/quote] Don't sell yourself short, I bet you could get it for a limb.
Wow. Nice indeed. I do like that Panerai as well.
tumbleweed rolls by...
^ A compass??
The khaki titanium is but it might be priced a bit high for you. Also, Steinhart has a pilot watch in the $500 range. http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Khaki-Aviation-Titanium-H70575733/dp/B0085M30CA
[/QUOTE] Hi Dopey, Interesting story about your TAG and its journey up and down Kilimanjaro.  Based on that story you clearing understand that moisture getting inside a watch, can come from sources other than submersion in water.  I think many of us often think about water resistance in a very limited  sense, simply wearing it to swim in a pool or the ocean.  However, other factors beyond water can lead to moisture getting into a watch, be it extreme temperatures swings,...
New Posts  All Forums: