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I'm pretty pleased Tudor has introduced an in house caliber but not too sure about the current offerings. I would prefer if they put the new movement into the existing line of Black Bay and Ranger.
\If all those options are too cheap for you, try the B55.
You are correct sir. I was going to mention the 2500 coaxial but not sure the OP would even care. A newer release would be nicer but at three times the price?I believe it also comes in 36mm and 39mm versions in addition to the XXL (which has a Unitas).
If you don't mind used, you can find an Omega Railmaster. No date on it and IMHO has a little more character than the AquaTerra.Not my pic.
I've always thought the Max Bill was closer to the Bauhaus style.I saw a chrono recently in person. Very nice watch for the price and very wearable for business and casual. I wouldn't hesitate to own one.I agree on the sport white dial version but the Pilot might sway you a bit.Not just the pilots but I had an Antea. The case and movement beautifully finished for a 1k watch. Nicely made watches.
[[SPOILER]] You certainly have a type.Overlooked in that pile is probably the CWC. Great looking poor man's watch. Is that a Khaki top right or something vintage?
I love this statement. As though no one has considered this...
People who can't see. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Steinhart.,165.html It will be challenging to find a chronograph for that price let alone a pilot. Maybe a quartz?
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