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I use TimeZone and CWC (Canadian) mostly. Watchuseek is also often used. Others may chime in on some alternates, ie. Rolex Forums, Watchnet, etc.
Perhaps join a noted seller's site and sell it yourself. Even as a first time seller, there will be lots of local buyers in NYC and Hong Kong that would be willing to try a face to face deal. Don't think you will have a problem.
Not knowing anything about Comex I fell down the rabbit hole looking it up. Very interesting. Can't wait to see pics.
The dial aside and I do like that dial, an 11mm thickness on a chrono must impress. No?The Elite looks nice.
Letting this one go...one last pic.
I'm pretty pleased Tudor has introduced an in house caliber but not too sure about the current offerings. I would prefer if they put the new movement into the existing line of Black Bay and Ranger.
\If all those options are too cheap for you, try the B55.http://www.slashgear.com/breitling-enters-the-smartwatch-market-with-its-b55-connected-16373764/
You are correct sir. I was going to mention the 2500 coaxial but not sure the OP would even care. A newer release would be nicer but at three times the price?I believe it also comes in 36mm and 39mm versions in addition to the XXL (which has a Unitas).
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