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+1. Is it 44mm?
Hope you find them. Can you post a pic?
I misread the post. I thought it was the crystal with the water spots and I am not sure if they can clean those or it is a dial replacement. It is not an easy call to swap out the dial since it's no longer original but I would think it would have to go to an RSC for those parts.
^ that does not sound like a proper service. I am also surprised they wouldn't have a new date wheel. Was it serviced by Rolex Service Center or a third party?
The only real pilot I knew sported a Casio. Everyone loves IWC for the heritage but like you guys are saying, most wear a GMT of some sort. I lusted after the Sinn 856 for some time thinking it was the perfect travel/flight watch but discovered with a few more bucks, the Rolex Explorer II is much more versatile (or the GMT). X-33 is kind of cool though I would never buy one.
[[SPOILER]] Ha, I live in Western Canada and I read it.I have several Eton shirts now and some are over 2 years old. I agree with the fact that they hold up better than other shirts in the same range including MTM. My only complaint previously was that they sew in their stays and this has always concerned me as I have my shirts pressed. I have never had a problem with the collars or stays. The price per shirt is quite high though, so I typically wait for sales as they...
Interesting. I've heard Archer come up a number of times for service in Canada.
My transocean on my espresso machine. Yes I was bored.
I think it more likely refers to a comparison to other cars and their price ranges. Rolex = BMW, AP = Bentley
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