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Since it's a classic navy with a pindot pattern, it will go with everything.
For a chrono, Archimede pilot.http://www.archimede-watches.com/archimede-watches-collection-pilot-deckwatch-klassik-diver-outdoor-automatic-handwound-chronograph-2824-6498-7750/pilot-watch-automatic-2824-handwound-6498-chronograph-7750-b-watch/pilot-chronograph-b-watch-automatic-valjoux-eta-7750.html
Size wise, a dress watch to me is anything that will fit under your cuff. Otherwise, wear what you like.
If they were US made, there would be no duty. I was referring to what I have paid on European orders. I always seem to pay the most on shipments from the UK, but I just bought a watch from Stowa and paid 10% total for everything and they did have the actual value of the watch. Mind you, I am aware that Canadian customs is anything but consistent. I'd be curious to know how much of that were brokerage fees. Do you have the breakdown?
In that price range? I'm sure there are many but that come to mind. Stowa Antea or Pilot. Junghans Max Bill or 6060-2. Vintage watches 38mm or higher like a Seamaster. Nomos Club (used of course). Hamilton Khaki. Longines.I'm a Sinn fan though. A higher price model that can fill both roles is their financial district watch. 6060?
[[SPOILER]] Now, here's the part that's totally justifiable but potentially scary, both for Jamison and Canadian customers as a whole. The package was declared as opened - that's expected, fine, and well. But of course, there was no "price tag" on the goods and no receipt included in the package. Yet the CBSA was able to determine that the shoes were "worth" $350. The only way I can imagine that a CBSA agent would be able to put a number of 350 on the value (without...
Even the re issues are way out of my price range.
I always believe the pictures over the description. I purchased my medium travel bag on ebay without any problems except that I paid full price. I can't remember the seller (it wasn't this guy) but look around. Stuff like this always sets off alarm bells for me.
^ I completely forgot about this watch. Probably one of my favourite Seikos.
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