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Glenlplaid as well.
For your first question, I think that your thought is fine. In regards to question 1, I am not a bowtie kind of guy but the one you have selected looks a bit ugly to me. Like making your groomsmen weare aqua vests or something. I would select something more classic like a pindot or a patterened bow tie of a more reserved colour.
I dunno. I like Nomos but at that price you could pick up a slightly used JLC or a Portugese.
I thought it might be Fluco or CWS. I have been a bit suspicious of Fluco since they are priced pretty low for cordovan. CWS is almost double the price but they look really nice. I thought it might be them.http://www.coolwatchstraps.com/Cool_Watch_Straps.htm
I always liked the EZM3 or black bezel watches better from their diver selection but I haven't seen them in person. A bit like blackmail they way WB increased Sinn prices and kept sending out reminders of the impending deadline. Speaking of Sinn, does anyone else love the 103 Klassik?
The strap really makes that watch. Where did you buy it?
It should never even left the stable keeping time like that. Any watchmaker should be able to fix it if it can't be sent back.
This.Also when I checked that link, they really need to rethink that dress code.
Code: Are you aware that conditioner doesn't polish shoes? Pick up a polish (AE makes good stuff). Work it into the leather using a cloth or smaller brush. I prefer to let it dry for a bit and then buff it out with a good shoe brush. This alone should give them some shine. Then you use the cloth to buff it to a slightly better shine. You don't need to be gentle. Note this takes some practice and there is a good thread on here (name?) advocating some different...
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