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I would remove it for sure. Thanks for the input, Wes and Keith.
I thought the sticker was causing that look.
Considering this in trade. I am not up on my Explorer I models but I am interested. Does this bring any questions to mind that I could ask the seller? http://forums.watchuseek.com/f29/fsot-recently-serviced-serial-swiss-only-dial-rolex-explorer-complete-paperwork-1073151.html
ahem..pretty obvious solution here. Buy Dino's quartz.
I totally agree you have to like Tudors for what they are in their own right and not think of them as an alternative to the Sub. Although they are made by Rolex from examining both visually, the quality is just not the same. I do feel that Tudor offers a great product in their price range. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f23/used-rolex-sub-new-tudor-pelagos-812886.html
Saw this seller on TZ awhile ago. Straps look amazing for the price. If you do try one PM me your thoughts.http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=6834575&rid=0#msg_6834575
It'll be a tough choice Stitchy. I know the white ex II is not the most popular model, but that's kind of what I like about it.That was my understanding as well based on what I've seen you guys post before. Based on the Rolex site, they are one of three Retailers in town. However, the lady was helping me not the normal person who worked in the Rolex section of this store. I think in retrospect she was talking out of her ass, but I asked her three times if she was sure....
I would suggest even going slightly used to open up your options a bit. I sold my Hamilton Jazzmaster for $300. Steinhart and Stowa are in that range as well if you like the look of the Marine. I've always thought it was kind of an all purpose watch. If you like something more sporty, then maybe a pilot watch.Here's a Steinhart Marine that was under your price range but has a standard...
Went perusing at lunch and tried on the Rolex GMT. For size it seems the best all around fit. I do not care for the polished center links but they said they could sub in a brushed version (true or BS?). Anyway, still looking at that new white dial explorer as well. It might call to me if I don't find a 16570 in my neighbourhood.
PayPal is about it. No question you still have to check out the seller and to be honest I would avoid overseas purchases unless from a manufacturer. Although I would be willing to use Chrono24. Also, duties are much higher from overseas purchases.
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