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I liked the hour markers better on the blue. Also the colour scheme is kind of cool. Sellers seem to be selling used ones a bit of a premium over the black and orange.
^ Nice. Did you buy it new? Still waiting on my THC. Stuck in customs.
Ingenieur 3227
You know you've probably reached a good point in your life when you consider a 3k watch a beater.
I like the Blue better all around. Maybe just because it's newer. Just picked up the THC.
I never met a seller that would decline a wire transfer. Maybe offer that. Unless someone here knows him. Do you know anyone in NYC that could get it for you in person?
I find them ugly as well. I do find the Glashutte 70's models very appealing though. Obviously they have taken into account modern tastes.
Since you said its a NEW grail, I'm thinking something off the beaten path like a GO.
I don't think any are classy but here is used one I saw on line today. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f29/fsot-sea-gull-skeleton-watch-1044374.html
I agree it would be much cleaner without the Chrono. I like using the subdial for the GMT but the biggest deterrent to this watch has to be the 9k price tag (did I read that right?). I think the PO GMT is still nicer. To the previous comparison with the white dial Explorer, I see them as pretty close. The PO however is quite thick and I found the Explorer looked better in person. Looks a bit cartoony in pics. Still leaning towards the older Explorer II though.
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