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My transocean on my espresso machine. Yes I was bored.
I think it more likely refers to a comparison to other cars and their price ranges. Rolex = BMW, AP = Bentley
I'd say #1 if you can. I probably couldn't. I didn't see earlier if you knew when the last service was done. If more than 5 years I'd think an overhaul would be a good idea.I don't know about Joma. If they offer a two year warranty and cover seals, I don't see a problem. Of course if you went to sell it, buyers will pay more for an OEM service IMHO.
^ I paid a bit less for my speedy but that was 2 years ago. It appears that Rolex is cheaper than Omega.
My mistake Dino.And I'm not slamming Hodinkee by any means, I read them quite a bit. I just don't think I've ever seen a negative review by them.
Does Hodinkee ever say anything bad about any watch?Is it possible it's just a timing adjustment? 10 seconds isn't that fast.
I use TimeZone and CWC (Canadian) mostly. Watchuseek is also often used. Others may chime in on some alternates, ie. Rolex Forums, Watchnet, etc.
Perhaps join a noted seller's site and sell it yourself. Even as a first time seller, there will be lots of local buyers in NYC and Hong Kong that would be willing to try a face to face deal. Don't think you will have a problem.
Not knowing anything about Comex I fell down the rabbit hole looking it up. Very interesting. Can't wait to see pics.
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