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Really like this watch. I've seen them around, it's good to get a personal point of view on it. A mesh bracelet might also be interesting on it, but I like your strap choice.
Now that you mention it, it was partly the dial. Primarily though, the bezel didn't look right. Too thin? Maybe I am too attached to the original version. The polished center links are another minor thing.The PO is pretty thick.
I really liked this watch until I tried it on. Also tried on the blue dial version and neither did anything for me.
I like the chronos but they are a tad thick. The Ranger is my favourite as well. Wondering if they will add the inhouse movement to it next year.
^+1. I haven't tried one the 3227 yet so I am curious about what others say about them wearing large and heavy. I did try on the 40mm recently as well. Bracelet is awesome.
From experience?
Gunny straps might. I am not sure if it's suede or just roughed. You could email them.
@Sweden. Good call. I totally agree with BH. I've seen head only pieces list close to 3k USD without B&P. I'm not stuck on papers for older models particularly but the bracelet is pretty important. Edit: it also depends which serial. As Dino has mentioned previously, SEL bracelets are preferable and they do sell for a bit more.
Under 2k sports watch is where I am looking right now for my next watch. If used is ok, I would look at Longines, Omega and Tudor although they might push your limit slightly over. Several German brands including SInn, Stowa and Junghans can also be found new under 2k.
+1. Is it 44mm?
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