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I like both a lot.I wondered if Tudor introduced the North Flag to compete with the Inge but they missed the mark a bit for me.
I don't know any homages for the day date. That is a tricky one. If you are looking for a dress/sports watch, maybe let us know your real price range.Good point. Spoo did the under 5k and 2k threads I think.Tudor is going it's on direction lately. Enough of a departure that they don't really mimic Rolex.
Congrats. I've had mine for 6 months now and it is so versatile.
Some Rolex ADs have techs that can do that, maybe not while you wait though. I'd like to know from the more experienced here, if you do get an in store watchmaker to regulate your watch, do they do a pressure test on it again?There should be no cost if it's under warranty.
I would encourage everyone to join the CWC forum for Canadian collectors. Not as much traffic as other sites but great to buy and sell in Canada. You have to join to see all the pages.http://canwatchco.ca/forum.phpSeiko 5?Great combination. I think it looks better on the white dial version.
Just wow.
This made me laugh.
I was also interested in the 104 at one point. I did read that there were some problems with the date alignment and the movement not running properly I also saw one for sale where the triangle on the bezel didn't line up properly. As isolated as these may be, I had enough concerns about quality to make me change my mind.
Really like this watch. I've seen them around, it's good to get a personal point of view on it. A mesh bracelet might also be interesting on it, but I like your strap choice.
Now that you mention it, it was partly the dial. Primarily though, the bezel didn't look right. Too thin? Maybe I am too attached to the original version. The polished center links are another minor thing.The PO is pretty thick.
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