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Any of you whingers wanna sell me a spot before I bother Charly with an enquiry.
FWIW, and I hope he doesn't mind me putting it out here, but I was in contact with someone here about buying his 56-week spot. According to Charly his jacket is completed, it's a suede DR 2013.
Looking to buy a spot or two. Thinking DR and A2/CWU
Looking to buy at least one spot, PM me. (Wanna get a DR and possibly CWU/A2 and TOJ0)
MA-1 looks too tight in the shoulders and chest imo, but if you don't wear it zipped then who cares ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Solid look nonetheless, switch out the Rick for TOJ and that's my uniform.
I'll play. +1 for sizing advice on the TS(S) tux! EOTOTO OLIVER SPENCER TS(S) ESEMPLARE SARTORIA FORMOSA
Lovin the lapels, PRT.
I was in HCMC earlier this year and stumbled upon this noodle place near Snail Street. Not sure what they sell cos they didn't have a menu. Had a pork rice noodle (pork pho?) and the broth was sick. I could use a huge bowl of that and bun bo hue right now.
Believe it was @nicelynice and @thatoneguy
I don't wanna sound like a broken fucking record, but if you gave Charly accurate measurements and told him how you want the jacket to fit, it'll turn out perfect. Comparing body measurements might give you a slight idea but no two people are of the same shape and size (longer/shorter torso, arms, blah blah blah) I'm 5'8, 150lbs ish and I went 48 with 46 lengths for my wool ma-1. Fits pretty perfect (IMO) cos I don't layer. Kept me plenty warm at 0 DegC with just a...
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