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@flowcharts pants and hat twins! Unless you sold your schneider border pants.
Suarez and Neymar should've been sent off. Add Iniesta to that list
Prolly the same as the gas mask pocket on the suiting wool. I might have to get the suiting wool again, immediately regretted my decision to sell it.
Whoever bought that VLADIMIR KARALEEV bomber that El Bert posted above, let me know if it doesn't work out yeah. Thanks!
SS is always going to be weaker than FW but I was underwhelmed tbh. The supima pocket tees pretty much sold out on release here. I might get the pleated pants if they hit sales.
I'll be down for the all-white should it become an option. My Margielas are surely approaching retirement status.
Looks like it from what I remember of pics Drew posted on here or ig. I do hope that @shinobi13 can respond to and work with DWW on this matter. I sorta accept Charly's account; he's located stateside so it's easy to be kept out of the loop and he was mainly doing customer sizing (I assume). Never really read or heard anything from Dan, and Dan's location in Korea and connection with the LIbertine crew convinces me that he's privy to what's going on. I'm done bothering...
Not baller status, but how's the leather on 10sei0otto boots? Do they use Guidi leather on all their boots or just a select few models each season? TIA
Worn a few times; some scruffs around the boots. Soles have been vibrammed. These fit true to size; unfortunately I've decided that I need them a size bigger so this is a supremely regrettable decision. Item is located in Singapore. Buyer pays shipping cost.
This is more of interest check than anything. This jacket is a work of art and not many were made, that's why I'm not sure if I want to let it go. Size 2/M Measurements to follow: Item is located in Singapore. Buyer pays shipping cost.
New Posts  All Forums: