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Voted Willy cos #CarnivoreBOYZ, but I really liked Snowman's and nn's submissions as well.
Converse CTIIs
I'm a 9.5 mostly. My local shop didn't bring in half sizes (and I didn't bother going to the Converse flagship). Tried the 9 and 10 - the 9 was a bit too snug in the toe area for my liking so I went for the 10. I think you could go tts or size up half depending on your foot/preference.
What jeans are those @echau
can anyone id?
@thatoneguy did you manage to find this anywhere
Ya deets on SnowShirt please
Thanks @deadAngle and the ever-reliable @archibaldleach! I appreciate the latter bit of your post, cheers. The groom is one of my closest friends.
This is giving me a headache. A close friend of mine is getting married and I'm one of the groomsmen. For the church wedding, he has decided on us all wearing black suits, white shirts and he has bought a pre-tied bow tie (in pretty hideous colours imo) for each groomsman. For the lunch reception the following day, black pants is mandatory. Any suggestions on what jacket I should wear to the lunch reception? PoW? Glen plaid? Houndstooth? Grey in colour? I've read that...
Fabric laces look infinitely better anyway
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