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The guesstimation provided seems to vary, even with similar models, iirc. Snarky comments/opinions made in anger/frustration, albeit not undeserving, aren't helping. You make yourself feel worse, you make the rest of us reading feel worse, and it doesn't change a damn thing. I understand the frustration. I have a wallet, backpack and leather on order. But some of you guys really need a time out from this thread.
I asked for an estimated wait time for my Nov order, no reply. To be fair, Charly's prolly swamped with refund requests and whatnots, and I was/am lazy to bump my email up.
shut the fuck up
Fwiw I didn't fancy the leather used on the Raf derbies that I got from Gilt or whatever. Got two pairs but both were meh, imo. Maybe it's better now, idk.
I've got an order for a black calf DR. Should I go black goat instead if goat is available?
Oh, right. I've always looked at it as free shipping, with the price being just for the jacket. I'm an idiot, then. That said, not having funds to ship completed jackets would be a fucking lame excuse.
I don't think that is a valid excuse, tbh. And I'm quite sure people wouldn't mind paying for shipping if it means they get their jackets sooner. I know I would. Edit: I'm glad you guys are getting impatient and shit, means I have spots available if I feel like adding to my orders. I don't even remember how far in my orders are.
Brand New with Tags Size 40; measurements will be provided upon request. Free worldwide shipping included in the price
Hs insta is mell0wfell0w. Does @magicalporks' posture look weird or is it just me? No hate, just wondering.
Bought for myself initially, but was a little too tight in the toe box for my liking so passed them on to my dad who didn't fancy the shape. Slightly worn, still loads of life left. Would keep but my 42s fit a lot better. Asking $150 + shipping. Item located in Singapore, I'll be down to split shipping. Comes without og box and dustbag, unless I can find them
New Posts  All Forums: