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Disappointed, thought Fuuma entered the challenge.
Both street food and restaurant recs please.
Would appreciate TW recs as well. Post in Random Food Thoughts - Street Edition!
Hey @conceptual 4est, help proxy some suede caps to your boy here.
Yo 0JSIMPS0N that jacket is dope. Tell me more about the safety pins. Are they made in Japan? Heavy duty? What brand are they? Do they open smoothly? I think adding safety pins to your crotch would complete the outfit and really take it to the next level.
The material on the Miracle Air denim is really thin though. Feels off but I'm prolly gonna get the light wash cos I don't wanna blow cash on denim that I rarely wear anyway
Well I got in touch and here's what Lian said:He also asked me if I would like him to alert me when the side zips and jodhpurs are available for order, so I'll update here when he does.
He has the matching pants as well. Mailmoth from SZ?
Hold up, so side zips and jodhpurs are no longer available? Well that sucks.
Please relay our gratitude and appreciation to him. Doesn't mean much but there are some of us who actually appreciate what both Dan and you have done for us and TOJ. I hope Drew is competent at sizing!
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