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GRAIL. Light wear, as pictured. Exceedingly reluctant sale; I just do not wear them enough. Marked 8, but fit big as do most (all?) Jil footwear. I'm a US 9.5, and these fit well. ++READ:++ Am unable to find the original box and dust bags for these, so they will come with generic dust bags. Shoe trees not included. Shipping is not included, item is located in Singapore
YUP, THE BEST VERSION OF THE PAINTED GATS TILL DATE BRAND FUCKING NEW IN BOX. BEIGE BASE From FW 2010 if I remember correctly. Marked EU43. I'm a US 9.5, and these fit with a comfy bit of wiggle room in the toes. ++READ:++ These come with dust bags. Box is trashed but if you insist.. Shipping is not included, item located in Singapore.
Great stuff, PRT. The best thing about your fits is how happy you always are in them.
Please take SWD group photo at the trunk show. No, actually just take pictures of Sipang. Thanks.
@gettoasty what's the knit
Don't button, don't put hands in pockets.
@pl0nky I'm 5'8 150-155lbs, slightly more muscular than average, azn. I got 48 with 46 lengths. In hindsight I could've gone stock 48, but that's nitpicking and I'm extremely satisfied with my Wool MA-1. It's like walking around wrapped in a duvet. Got mine like Nov 2013 or something. First pic I was wearing a regular sweatshirt under, and a uniqlo flannel and a tee in the second. Prolly had more shit stuffed into the jacket in the first one.
Cheers. I'll prolly get them, free shipping outside EU. Edit: Someone posted a side profile pic on sufu a week back
How's the quality on those Arigato sneakers? Looking at the white lows.
Will the Flax collection only be released on ndc? I'm not in the States so I prolly won't be able to get a pair then.
New Posts  All Forums: