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Item located in Singapore Buyer pays shipping + fees BNWOT. Took a risk on sizing, it was too big and I forgot about it entirely. Kept in one of those plastic suit covers ever since. Material composition: 75% cotton / 15% acrylic / 10% polyester Measurements upon request.
Item located in Singapore Buyer pays shipping + fees Lightly worn; fits oversized. 100% cotton. Only hung for the picture.
Charly/Drew, is there a firm cut-off date for the regular products yet?
Lol penance I would've kopped #1 if I had read Kyle's email earlier. Still considering the green but like you said, we won't get much use outta it. Balls. Tempted to buy just to wear in a cold room.
No international shipping, unless you have a credit card with a US billing address.
Greg/Kyle, what's the word on international shipping?
Solid construction and lovely subtle details. Unfortunately I sized wrongly and need a 46 instead. Item located in Singapore. Buyer pays fees and actual shipping cost. Size chart: Refer to thread for pics: http://www.styleforum.net/t/369044/peir-wu-x-snowman-pant-collaboration/0_100
I think I might have to size down. I ordered a 48 but from the look of things the 46 might fit better. Only can say sure when the pants get in, but I might be down to trade if anyone needs a size up.
A 2
Foxhound aren't you like a 46 or 48?
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