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Worn a few times; some scruffs around the boots. Soles have been vibrammed. These fit true to size; unfortunately I've decided that I need them a size bigger so this is a supremely regrettable decision. Item is located in Singapore. Buyer pays shipping cost.
This is more of interest check than anything. This jacket is a work of art and not many were made, that's why I'm not sure if I want to let it go. Size 2/M Measurements to follow: Item is located in Singapore. Buyer pays shipping cost.
Slightly worn. I've put on some weight recently so I can't fit these anymore. Awesome pants in a really nice green with cool details. One of my favourite Undercover collections. Size 2 (Measurements to follow): 60% Polyester 40% Cotton Partly Cow Hide Item located in Singapore. Buyer pays shipping cost.
Shahanshah's a gooner? I don't think I'll be buying you a cup of tea if we ever meet irl then. Just watched Klopp's presser before the United - Liverpool match and I must say I really really like the guy and I wish he took over at United. United to get ripped a new one today.
Cuff withOUT stitching is a heck of a lot cleaner. Why the change, Charly/Dan?
dude aznbois with long shirts dont need long shirts to get mistaken for women. used to get it all the time when i had my top knot. once a waitress at din tai fung in taipei called me 小姐 lol
Well.. glad I delayed putting in an order for the DR3 then. Was under the impression that the only change was the belt snaps.
Got an unused black/black Daypack v2 for sale. I just don't use a backpack as much as I thought I would.
Have these issues been fixed for the current batches?
Thanks for the heads up via email @mrchariybrown, I'll send in my measurements soon.
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