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Well.. glad I delayed putting in an order for the DR3 then. Was under the impression that the only change was the belt snaps.
Got an unused black/black Daypack v2 for sale. I just don't use a backpack as much as I thought I would.
Have these issues been fixed for the current batches?
Thanks for the heads up via email @mrchariybrown, I'll send in my measurements soon.
x-post to dead sufu, get mad thumbs.
I totally forgot about Lorcan tbh Was considering that piece too, but way too narrow in the shoulders unfortunately.
http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/blowz/item/9025379421882/ @Synthese? @el Bert? @Parker? @Lorcan7?
Drew probably still visits the forum, he doesn't need an account to browse, right? Anyway I've done the petition ages ago. I can't file a bank chargeback cos I used my PayPal balance to pay most of the amount, moreover I bought the spot from someone off here so doing anything will implicate him. Just plain bad luck and foolish naivety in trusting Drew.
Yep, Juns.
First pair of back zips. They are nice, but I'm not sure because I'm used to my boots being sleeker.
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