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Please take SWD group photo at the trunk show. No, actually just take pictures of Sipang. Thanks.
@gettoasty what's the knit
Don't button, don't put hands in pockets.
@pl0nky I'm 5'8 150-155lbs, slightly more muscular than average, azn. I got 48 with 46 lengths. In hindsight I could've gone stock 48, but that's nitpicking and I'm extremely satisfied with my Wool MA-1. It's like walking around wrapped in a duvet. Got mine like Nov 2013 or something. First pic I was wearing a regular sweatshirt under, and a uniqlo flannel and a tee in the second. Prolly had more shit stuffed into the jacket in the first one.
Cheers. I'll prolly get them, free shipping outside EU. Edit: Someone posted a side profile pic on sufu a week back
How's the quality on those Arigato sneakers? Looking at the white lows.
Will the Flax collection only be released on ndc? I'm not in the States so I prolly won't be able to get a pair then.
No love for the Flax collection? Tempted by the AF1 Mids.
The guesstimation provided seems to vary, even with similar models, iirc. Snarky comments/opinions made in anger/frustration, albeit not undeserving, aren't helping. You make yourself feel worse, you make the rest of us reading feel worse, and it doesn't change a damn thing. I understand the frustration. I have a wallet, backpack and leather on order. But some of you guys really need a time out from this thread.
I asked for an estimated wait time for my Nov order, no reply. To be fair, Charly's prolly swamped with refund requests and whatnots, and I was/am lazy to bump my email up.
New Posts  All Forums: