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@fallen asleep, if you are thinking of letting the snow cropped pants go and it's an M, I would be most willing to take them off you.
Any advice on sizing Rift Sandals? Don't think they come in half sizes so I can't go tts.
Nude: Masahiko Maruyama SS17
My Bostons weren't super comfy right out of the box, but they broke in super quickly and are now the most comfy footwear I own now. I've worn them on several spontaneous hikes and have had no issues even with rough/steeper terrain.
The general rule here is that if you can't decide, then wear one on each foot. It's perfect really since all three colours go so well together.
How many days are you here for? Think there are a fair few Singaporeans on both swd and cm.Most of the good food are in central/east side. It's been raining pretty much every day this week (monsoon season) so keep that in mind when packing.
@flowcharts pants and hat twins! Unless you sold your schneider border pants.
Suarez and Neymar should've been sent off. Add Iniesta to that list
Prolly the same as the gas mask pocket on the suiting wool. I might have to get the suiting wool again, immediately regretted my decision to sell it.
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