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A woman turned to look at my black AE Park Avenues a second time. I walked out of the restaurant shortly after her, she held the door for me to get a look at the rest of me.
Quote: Originally Posted by vincerich Nice mix-and-match shoe trees. haha, didn't even notice that.
I can't decide if I like the vintage Allen Edmonds Dickson or not. What's your opinion? I'm leaning toward yes.
Was your baby injured in any way? Did the company actively try to hide the expiration date from you? If the answer to either of these questions is no, then the answer to your question is no.
Sounds like a child's size. The 12/14 being age. I assume next would be L(16/18).
They are DRIVING loafers, they are for DRIVING. Walking in DRIVING loafers damages them. They are designed for DRIVING. If you find a pair of loafers that don't get damaged from walking they are NOT DRIVING loafers. If you have a sports car and want narrow shoes for fast DRIVING, get DRIVING loafers. If that description doesn't fit, don't get DRIVING loafers. How often does this question come up anyway? I've been here a month and it seems way too often.
I have the HTC Eris from Verizon. I can't imagine using a different provider. I'd get the incredible, if I was buying now. The incredible is basically the updated Eris.
BB saves time. You don't have to wade through as much garbage to find the quality.
Brooks brothers has 40% off sports shirts and 30% off tailored, today only.
Seems to me that the biggest selling point for the gold cup line is gold plated eyelets. Extremely tacky to me, and not worth more than a $5 markup. Although they mark them up $100. (I'll take my gold in coin form not on my shoes.) Of course, these shoes don't have eyelets so I guess you are paying for $100 for deerskin and memory foam. Unless, the construction is better than their regular line but I doubt it.
New Posts  All Forums: