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I recently purchased a Brooks Brothers brown houndstooth Sport Coat. I'm having trouble finding a good combination with my wardrobe. My wardrobe is not that big, which is part of the problem. I'll try adding a picture tonight, the coat doesn't seem to be on the website during the sale. It just has two colors a dark brown and a lighter one. The pattern is relatively large. I'm looking for recommendations to combine with it. The best I've come up with is a light blue...
How about a purple golf shirt with popped collar and dinner jacket
I thought that brown was for farmers. Evidently black is for people who sing to farmers. No wonder everyone here hates black. This is a train wreck of style. There has to be 1 multimillionaire country signer that dresses better than a middle school kid trying to play grown up.
No secret code needed. This is how it actually worked out for me. colleague - You were the one I walked by wearing those shoes this morning? me - yep saw you walk by, wondered why you didn't recognize me. -- shoe discussion -- colleague - Andy's? me - style forum
This guy is a billionaire. Would you dress like him too?
Only if the tie is to be worn as headgear and has an appropriate emblem.
Buy everything you find that is deeply discounted, then post it for to critique. He can turn any oddball item into a masterpiece.
How about wearing this to a GOP convention, say state level.
You are more likely to get your ass beat. You are also more likely to get laid (women like peacocking). risk - reward
great point, I'm 6'0" and I wear a 43 (19.5 inch shoulder measurements) and I would not call my shoulders broad.
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