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The font on the Hamilton is god awful.
Also, as to your question, almost no one sends them.
Cover letters are pointless. Everyone knows why you want the job, for money. If you weren't doing it for the money it would be a hobby. I've never sent a cover letter nor read a cover letter. I want to know if you can do the job, the resume provides hints at that.
I'm confused. Do you want out of finance or out of new York? You start out by saying you want out of finance but then talk nothing about what fields may interest you. You do talk about what you want for a place to live. Also California sounds nothing like what you want, neither does Boston. Austin or Seattle, maybe. What is it you really want?
I like how you adeptly hid your passive aggressive insult at the new poster as well. You bring insulting to a new level.To the new poster.1. This forum is about classic menswear. That suit does not fit the aesthetic of acceptable menswear. It is a costume made to draw attention to a performer. It is a gaudy display of embarrassingly low style knowledge.2. Black is not acceptable classic menswear either. Black doesn't maintain a clean appearance. An acceptable easy...
Just post some pictures of the shoes you are interested in purchasing. Include the inside with serial numbers, the sole, and from several side / top angles. Odds are good that someone will recognize the shoe. Even if no one recognizes it, from good pictures people can get an idea of the quality.
The hat will be fine either way. Let's discuss the table, chair, wall, and curtain.
I googled it. Appears to be this:
I recently purchased a Brooks Brothers brown houndstooth Sport Coat. I'm having trouble finding a good combination with my wardrobe. My wardrobe is not that big, which is part of the problem. I'll try adding a picture tonight, the coat doesn't seem to be on the website during the sale. It just has two colors a dark brown and a lighter one. The pattern is relatively large. I'm looking for recommendations to combine with it. The best I've come up with is a light blue...
How about a purple golf shirt with popped collar and dinner jacket
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