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Quote: Originally Posted by bearlydavid How is that fair??? He offered to send the money and pants back and you refused??? I just wanted to give me two cents. A2 was a great transaction and my item was shipped promptly and quickly. +1 some of you guys are taking this too far lol. he is clearly trying to make things right and without even giving him a chance you pile on his ass and threaten to pay him a "friendly visit"
Quote: Originally Posted by Ideefixee A lot of these transactions involved PayPal, though, which is documented. Informal trades I can understand, but you can't rip people off using PayPal and escape the cyber consequences. (Unless he high-tails it to China) if it's been documented then you should have no problem getting your money back through paypal.
Ah, the winter varsity looks great. may have to kop.
is this a civil case or a criminal case? isn't this something that should be resolved through PP?
fwiw, i completed a trade with him a while ago and it went very smoothly. a2 hennessy was a model seller and trader and i'm sure this is all a misunderstanding. a lot of you are getting worked up over here for nothing. he said that he would not be able to respond to msgs for a few days. give him time to respond and im sure he'll take care of the issue
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler It depends on what value the seller marked on the customs form and what method of delivery was used. Right, of course. So does anyone know if ssense marks customs down, or doesn't really care?
Has anyone in the US ever purchased anything from ssense? How do they do about marking customs down? I want to purchase a CG jacket from them, but don't want to get slapped with a massive customs fee.
Is the EG CPO color true? black or navy??
Can someone tell me how the quality of MMM sneakers are? Maybe in comparison to Lanvin and Common Projects? TIA!
That jacket looks really great. Only wish that it fit me.
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