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I have for sale two splendid Save Khaki button-up shirts. I've always been a vocal supporter of this brand, specifically their shirts. They have a slim fit, a smooth cotton, and come in interesting styles. In my opinion, they epitomize casual cool for the summer. Buy both for $85 shipped! 1. A unique Nantucket Red, almost like a salmon. Perfect for summer. Has the slightest spot near the hem, which is unnoticeable and will probably be removed by a cleaners. ...
bump for $52 shipped
bump $55 shipped
bump $60 shipped
bump for $64 shipped!
bump -- $67 shipped. This is a great shirt!
Bump $72 shipped
bump $76 shipped
Can I ship something in free USPS tyvek Priority Mail envelope but place Parcel Post postage on it?
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