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Price drops across the board!
You should live in Manhattan if you're coming to the city for the first time, but all of the complaints stated in this thread can be ameliorated by moving to Brooklyn.
Price cuts across the board. Great shirts!
I have for sale two splendid Save Khaki button-up shirts. I've always been a vocal supporter of this brand, specifically their shirts. They have a slim fit, a smooth cotton, and come in interesting styles. In my opinion, they epitomize casual cool for the summer. Buy both for $85 shipped! 1. A unique Nantucket Red, almost like a salmon. Perfect for summer. Has the slightest spot near the hem, which is unnoticeable and will probably be removed by a cleaners. ...
bump for $52 shipped
bump $55 shipped
bump $60 shipped
bump for $64 shipped!
bump -- $67 shipped. This is a great shirt!
Bump $72 shipped
New Posts  All Forums: