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bump $47
This Save Khaki shirt is a unique Nantucket Red, almost like a salmon. Perfect for summer. Has the slightest spot near the hem, which is unnoticeable and will probably be removed by a cleaners. $50 shipped for this guy. My apologies for the poor pictures. pit to pit: 22" sleeve inseam: 22" shoulder: 18" length: 29.75"
bump -- this is such a nice shirt. $45 shipped.
bump, $48 shipped
bump $52 shipped!
bump, $55 shipped
Price cuts across the board!
If you have to do this -- and I beg you, please try not to because this has gone from cheeky to overdone -- but if you HAVE TO, you should buy the Shipley & Halmos dark navy seersucker. Very unique piece. REALLY strong shoulder on the jacket though.
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