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Can anyone share a fit picture of the plain toe Alden boots that J. Crew is selling? Thanks.
does anyone have fit pictures of the alden plain toe boots?
Anyone tried or have fit pictures of the new straight fit raw denim?
For sale is an amazing A.P.C. brown trench coat. This is a rare color. It's a size large, but I had it slightly tailored. The measurements are: pit-to-pit: 20.75" sleeve inseam: 20" shoulder: 17.5" length: 36" It's a slim large that will also fit a medium. Amazing coat. $100 shipped
Can you increase your rent at all? Try using Padmapper. If this is a real apartment, you should give it a solid look. This is a nice street. http://www.padmapper.com/show.php?type=1&id=88949053&src=main
So I've found a pair of CP's that fit me, the tournament lows. I want to know more about the quality of the sneaker. How is it made? The sales clerk told me that there's a steel shank in the shoe, and that the sneakers are made like dress shoes. Can anyone send me a link that explains the superior construction of these shoes? Thanks.
I'm selling two pairs of shoes, buy both in one lot. They are identical shoes made by Vanishing Elephant. It's the Albion leather oxford. One pair is navy, one is a taupe/grey. The shoes need to be polished, but have plenty of life in them. The taupe pair is fairly new and hasn't been worn too much -- the navy has more wear. $150 shipped gets you both pairs. Up your game in one fell swoop.
Converse are like walking on plywood, though. I'm looking for something with support. I stand for 45 minutes on my subway commute, and I don't want to do it in Converse.
I need a new pair of sneakers. I can't wear Converse All-Stars anymore, and I'd like to stop wearing my running shoes to work. I'd like to keep the cost reasonable, so please don't recommend Common Projects. I like the look of Converse, CP's, basic unadorned Nike's, etc. Going for something simple. Thanks.
This Save Khaki shirt is a unique Nantucket Red, almost like a salmon. Perfect for summer. Has the slightest spot near the hem, which is unnoticeable and will probably be removed by a cleaners. $40 shipped for this guy. My apologies for the poor pictures. pit to pit: 22" sleeve inseam: 22" shoulder: 18" length: 29.75"
New Posts  All Forums: