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I received the Plain Toe J. Crew boots. The 11 is too big, so I'm exchanging for a 10.5. Hopefully that fits, and I can get to wearing these. If they're too small, it wasn't meant to be. Quality, upon a quick glance, seemed sufficient. I don't think they are $500 shoes, but for
The Chukkas were unlined. I think I'll try the 11's. Might pick up two and just return them to the store.
Regarding the J. Crew Plain Toe boots, may I ask for advice about sizing? How do they fit? For the only references, I wear an 11.5D in my Allen-Edmonds Clifton and a 44 in my Common Projects Tournaments. Additionally, I once owned a pair of Alden suede chukkas. They were sized 10E or 10.5E and though I thought they fit when trying them on at the Alden store in NYC, the right shoe ended up with awkward fit, so I had to sell them. Do I take an 11 or 11.5 in the plain toes?
Also, what's the difference between 11 and 11H sizing?
Can anyone share a fit picture of the plain toe Alden boots that J. Crew is selling? Thanks.
does anyone have fit pictures of the alden plain toe boots?
Anyone tried or have fit pictures of the new straight fit raw denim?
For sale is an amazing A.P.C. brown trench coat. This is a rare color. It's a size large, but I had it slightly tailored. The measurements are: pit-to-pit: 20.75" sleeve inseam: 20" shoulder: 17.5" length: 36" It's a slim large that will also fit a medium. Amazing coat. $100 shipped
Can you increase your rent at all? Try using Padmapper. If this is a real apartment, you should give it a solid look. This is a nice street. http://www.padmapper.com/show.php?type=1&id=88949053&src=main
So I've found a pair of CP's that fit me, the tournament lows. I want to know more about the quality of the sneaker. How is it made? The sales clerk told me that there's a steel shank in the shoe, and that the sneakers are made like dress shoes. Can anyone send me a link that explains the superior construction of these shoes? Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: