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if anyone has bonobos credit they want to resell, PM me
Anyone know when the next APC 50% off sale is?
Can anyone help me out with this?
I need to know what's up with the Chinos. I want to buy a khaki pair. Two years ago, I bought the Navy and Olive. Both were made in Japan. Now, they're all made in Canada. From the measurements, the inseams seem the same; I think when they first came out, the Canada chinos were shorter in the inseam than the Japan ones. At Uncle Otis, they say that these Chinos are for Fall...
When is the first Barney's sale? Standard 40% off any time soon?
The leather watch band on my Hamilton has frayed, and I want to replace it with a stainless steel band. Ideally I'd like to get something other than silver. I'd love to get a gunmetal grey band. Anywhere to get this?
price drop
I'm selling a rare Nom de Guerre field scarf. I paid $150 to have this imported from England a year ago, and I've only worn it a handful of times. It's an incredibly unique piece, and it's something you'll never be able to find again. You can see the exact same piece sold out at Oki-Ni here: This piece is in 100% mint condition. Sadly, I didn't pay £28 for it. PM me, and I can ship it out tomorrow.
I'm looking to buy a BOO sweater. I'm a large in all of their shirts. The site lists a "size 3 / 40" and a "size 4 / 42" Which equates to a large? The 3/40?
I received the Plain Toe J. Crew boots. The 11 is too big, so I'm exchanging for a 10.5. Hopefully that fits, and I can get to wearing these. If they're too small, it wasn't meant to be. Quality, upon a quick glance, seemed sufficient. I don't think they are $500 shoes, but for
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