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Thanks. The watches get split usage, so it sounds like it's unnecessary. I do not dive with the watch.
I have one automatic watch and one mechanical watch. Occasionally, both stop and need to be rewound. Do I risk damage to either through this process? Obviously, the mechanical watch is going to stop after any idle duration. But will I damage the automatic if this happens regularly? Does a watch winder provide any preventative care, or just save me the inconvenience of having to re-set the watch once it stops?
APC sold this simple, marine blue merino cardigan last season. Here's a product page on Blackbird: I want to find this cardigan in a medium, ideally new. Help.
I don't have any advice, just some empathy: making decisions like these in within a corporate structure is stressful. There's much to weigh. Good luck.
This is fun. Keep it going.
What are some examples of lesser-known oligopolies in our current markets? Not interested in oil or telecom oligopolies, but examples where a few companies control the majority of a given market and reap huge profits because of it. A good example is Luxotica, which nobody thinks of as an oligopoly because it maintains dozens of "independent" brands.
AMAZING In God We Trust button-up shirt. 100% wool with cotton lining. Size large. This is an NYC boutique that makes some of the coolest shirts you can find. The collar has contrast underlining with interesting flip/twist detail at button. One of a kind.
Can anyone recommend a badass smoothie container? I want something that I can fill up, close the top, and throw into my bag with no fear of it spilling. Also, it should be relatively easy to clean, e.g. dishwasher safe. No flimsy plastic, please. Something sturdy with a badass screw top or a latch. Also no plastic. Thanks in advance.
BNWT Jack Spade iPad case. $65 shipped -- holler!
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