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What kinds of companies still sponsor an MBA, or offer more significant funding than the standard corporate educational allowance?
Only one coat there with the badass fur collar (although I do like that full fur on the lapels). Anything else?
I am seeking: - a wool/cashmere overcoat - in navy, camel, grey, or an interesting pattern (essentially, "not black") - double or single breasted, doesn't matter - slim fit - mid-thigh length (so, no pea coats, and nothing that hits the knee) - with an interesting detail: an opulent collar, ideally fur (faux or real, doesn't matter, but none of that knotty shearling. a shiny, furry fur) but I've also seen nice coats with unique braided collar Not a fur hood, mind you,...
Thanks. The watches get split usage, so it sounds like it's unnecessary. I do not dive with the watch.
I have one automatic watch and one mechanical watch. Occasionally, both stop and need to be rewound. Do I risk damage to either through this process? Obviously, the mechanical watch is going to stop after any idle duration. But will I damage the automatic if this happens regularly? Does a watch winder provide any preventative care, or just save me the inconvenience of having to re-set the watch once it stops?
APC sold this simple, marine blue merino cardigan last season. Here's a product page on Blackbird: http://blackbirdballard.com/Images/Products/71383_01.jpg I want to find this cardigan in a medium, ideally new. Help.
I don't have any advice, just some empathy: making decisions like these in within a corporate structure is stressful. There's much to weigh. Good luck.
This is fun. Keep it going.
What are some examples of lesser-known oligopolies in our current markets? Not interested in oil or telecom oligopolies, but examples where a few companies control the majority of a given market and reap huge profits because of it. A good example is Luxotica, which nobody thinks of as an oligopoly because it maintains dozens of "independent" brands.
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