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Will the tees shrink? Just got a few and I'm loving the color and material, but am hoping they'll shrink a quarter-size or half-size after a hot wash and hot dry. Any experience?
any needsupply codes?
I have a beautiful RLPL navy satin tie that I wish to narrow to the 2.75" from its current width. I've had a hard time finding tailors who will do the job. Can you recommend someone who has done this for you before? Preferably downtown (I work in Union Square). Thanks!
Simple question: can I get a pair of RRL denim from the site on sale, with a discount code? Or is it just apparel?
I'm interested in improving my Spanish. My idea was to read the Economist in English on the subway each morning while listening to a Spanish audio version, but they don't produce one. Can anyone point me toward a current events publication that offers a Spanish audio edition? Thank you.
BNWT from Context. Just looking to recoup my costs. $105 shipped -- covers the item, my shipping, and Paypal fees. Will also trade for a BNWT Small. Context sizing: Tagged Size Measured Size Shoulder to Shoulder Pit to Pit Sleeve Length Length S ---- 23 32 27 M ---- 24 32 27 L ---- 24.5 32.5 27.5 XL ---- 25 33 28
My friend is getting married in a custom-made suit, and we groomsmen want to look uniform and stylish on the day. I refuse to use Men's Wearhouse (their clothes feel like cardboard and fit even worse) but we need to find a store that will rent consistent garments. The challenge is that we're all quite interested in looking nice (read: well-fitted, nice fabrics, slim cuts) but I can't find a store that rents this kind of product. Anyone?
I'm looking for a store that rents nice suits or tuxedos for a wedding. Men's Wearhouse is utter crap -- their clothes feel like cardboard and fit like boxes. The groom is wearing a custom-made suit, but we groomsmen would like to look uniform in a set of very nice suits or tuxes for a day. What are our options?
what's the difference between the dry selvage and the rinsed?
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