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My friend is getting married in a custom-made suit, and we groomsmen want to look uniform and stylish on the day. I refuse to use Men's Wearhouse (their clothes feel like cardboard and fit even worse) but we need to find a store that will rent consistent garments. The challenge is that we're all quite interested in looking nice (read: well-fitted, nice fabrics, slim cuts) but I can't find a store that rents this kind of product. Anyone?
I'm looking for a store that rents nice suits or tuxedos for a wedding. Men's Wearhouse is utter crap -- their clothes feel like cardboard and fit like boxes. The groom is wearing a custom-made suit, but we groomsmen would like to look uniform in a set of very nice suits or tuxes for a day. What are our options?
what's the difference between the dry selvage and the rinsed?
I'm going to start playing tennis in the mornings, so I'm looking for a recommendation on an entry-level tennis racket. Nothing expensive, ideally just something I can buy from Amazon and use for a few half-hour sessions every week.
Which neighborhood?
sorry -- i meant GBV. only talking GBV here. so how do you find the right size if you might be between a small and medium?
very simple question: are all gitman shirts made the same size? e.g. if i fit into a small, or a medium, does that hold throughout their full line? when patterns, fabrics change?
W+H West Point Chinos, khaki These are the S/S 12 version. Size 32. Moderate wear, with a slight discoloration on the left leg, as you can see. No structural damage like fraying, tearing, or anything like that. Ships USPS priority.
I'm interested in the torso sweater. Simple question: is the virgin wool itchy? I do not wear itchy wool, I typically only wear merino wool. If it's itchy, my question is: which sweaters are made of merino wool? Not interested in a cardigan, only a pullover (crewneck or v-neck). Thanks.
I need a small swatch of fur to embellish the collar of my new camel overcoat. I'd like to shop for the fur somewhere in NYC: I know nothing about fur, so I just choose something in person. Any recommendations? I've lived in NYC for 6 years but I've never shopped for fur.
New Posts  All Forums: