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BNWT APC New Standard, size 30. Never tried on -- acquired from the store, immediately here for sale. $135 shipped.
Well, that's what I can get in Brooklyn.
I've thought about this as well. Does anyone have experience with manufacturers who won't sell to certain retailers?Is $4K/mo too high?
I've long toyed with the idea of opening a brick-and-mortar menswear store in my neighborhood, which is gentrifying, evolving, diverse, and also underserved. I know that I can buy the right merchandise to meet the neighborhood's needs, maintain an inviting atmosphere that welcomes customers, think strategically to leverage the storefront and the name on the sign for auxiliary business ventures, and run the business intelligently. PR is simple; there are a thousand menswear...
It is wonderful that everyone has such different taste. I own a Stowa Marine Original -- not only was it well priced at around $1000, but in my personal opinion, it's the nicest of any of the watches we've looked at thus far. Only one watch (the Nomos Metro Datum Gangoreserve -- WOW!) appeals to me.
I'm curious to know why Stowa isn't represented? Are their watches not considered "dress" watches?
Ya’ll are making me want to post photos of my 6 year old somet 003’s. I've moved on from them but gave them a good 2+ years of wear.
Will the tees shrink? Just got a few and I'm loving the color and material, but am hoping they'll shrink a quarter-size or half-size after a hot wash and hot dry. Any experience?
any needsupply codes?
I have a beautiful RLPL navy satin tie that I wish to narrow to the 2.75" from its current width. I've had a hard time finding tailors who will do the job. Can you recommend someone who has done this for you before? Preferably downtown (I work in Union Square). Thanks!
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