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which sweaters are made of the merino?
I have these. I really like them. Personally, I don't like the traditional white achilles. I don't like the smooth leather. I have no idea whether this is deer leather or not. No clue how to find that out. I think these run small though. I owned an old pair of Tournaments Lows in 44. Also Achilles Perf in 44. Got these in 43 because the 44 was too big. Leather quality feels great, though. Feels very durable. Can't wait to see how these wear in two years.
Beautiful jacket. Golden Bear for Unionmade "Atherton" jacket. Size medium, color steel. Made in the USA. Never worn. Retails for $349. $139 shipped via PayPal - can ship ASAP!
Reviewing the Luggage Works website -- can't find the option to add the garment bag. Where do I find that Thanks!
Thanks for that recommendation! I'll check that out. Size is 21inch x 15inch x 6inch. Most domestic carriers allow 22 x 14 x 9 in. So I think this should work. Anyone else have recommendations?
I need a piece of carry-on luggage that can: 1. Carry 2 sportcoats/suit jackets 2. 2-3 pairs of pants/slacks 3. 2 pairs of shoes (one dress, one workout) 4. 2-3 dress shirts and workout clothes for a few days I currently use the Incase EO Travel Roller. It's a nice bag, but I worry that folding my sportcoats is going to ruin them. In the past I used the Tumi tri-fold bag but I thought it was absolutely terrible for sport coats. So, I'm looking for an alternative: I...
Does Haberdash ever do coupon codes, or free shipping codes? $10 shipping for a beanie is intense.
If anyone has an un-used LL Bean 20% off coupon from the holiday catalogue, I'd love to grab it! PM me. Thanks!
There is a high likelihood that I'm going to Kamakura on Friday. They have the new Vintage Ivy shirts in stock at the store. I've already purchased one, and am going to return a second that I purchased. The shirts are not in stock online. If anybody is interested in a proxy, PM me.
The code was on the back cover. Who knows, maybe they sent different catalogues to different people! (Thanks for checking)
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