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I get annoyed by a lack of good tea, hot or iced. I'm sick of lipton shit being served at even the best establishments.
That's the odd thing- they fit well. I have large feet (13 US / 47 EU) and the fit is fine- the toe just narrows and creates unoccupied space at the tip, making them look abnormally large.
They did, but they don't convey the pointiness of the toe well. My brother described them as looking a bit like clown shoes. I think my plan is that I will go check out shoes tomorrow at some stores and then decide.
In the overall look they seem a bit awkward looking. However, they're starting to grow on me a bit. I'm considering keeping them now. At the price, though, I should be enamored. The soles are almost completely smooth- I'm not used to this. It could make dancing very effortless or quite painful.
Oh boy, thanks for the input. I guess the good question is whether to start off with the absinthe while I'm still fully cognizant or to have it at the end of the night when I know the hotel room is not far away. . .
This weekend some friends and I are doing a weekend trip to Toronto for some fun. We'll be staying in the entertainment district and hope to explore it. Do you have any suggestions for the nightlife? Barchef seems to be a must. I would also like to try some absinthe while in the area- do you have any suggestions for bars that serve it?
I was in a Brooks Brothers over the weekend and was surprised to see Levi's on display. I still find them to be farmer jeans- I'll stick to my Sevens and R&R
I received the above pair of A. Testoni shoes from Gilt. I'm really dissatisfied with the design of the toe- it is too long and pointy to the point of appearing feminine. I will be returning them promptly. Is this design typical of the brand?
I like it- the design is youthful and summery.
This photo may not showcase what I'm wearing too well, but it has nice aesthetics. Ralph Lauren Purple Label shirt.
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