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Yo-Yo Ma with the Silk Road Ensemble next week!
2005 Honda Pilot
I'm a huge fan of stinky blue cheeses. I'm known to run to Whole Foods for blue cheese and bread to keep me alive during finals week.
I've been wearing Burberry Touch recently- it's a nice fresh scent that could be worn for casual or formal occasions.
Pretty plain article. Some visuals would have improved the communication of the points.
Thanks for all the feedback. I just went out looking for additional shoes should I return these, and none of them seem interesting. Actually, this cheap pair of shoes from Urban Outfitters was my first choice- I bought them and they looked great casually with jeans. The problem was that the soles were white rubber coated with black paint, and the black paint wore off quite easily. Hence, I returned them as defective. I think that I will keep my Testoni's, but they...
Nothing too special for me. Mostly sports players- I saw Pavlovic (when he still played for the Cavs) at my church for the Orthodox Christmas service. I've seen a few other Cavs players at Beachwood mall. Also, I clearly remember as a kid having dinner at Morton's in downtown Cleveland while a Browns lineman was having a pre-game meal. I don't remember who he was, but it was a cool sight. Beyond that, I've met some celebrity chefs while eating at their restaurants. Of...
Try swimming. With various flotation devices you can work specific muscle groups without straining others.
Ok. Do you think that wearing them with a narrower pant exacerbates the problem? Would looser khakis look more proportional?
Here are some photos. Sorry for the clashing of the socks with the jeans- I had just thrown them on to try the shoes. My foot length is 11.75in and width is 4.375in.
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