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I saw Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble in concert a couple days ago. I'd say that any concert where the patrons are uncorking wine bottles rather than smoking pot is gentlemanly.
Quote: Originally Posted by BBC Why would you do that? Can't tell, but it looks like a cotton bow, which would be perfect for summer. As for matching it, just about any solid colored sport coat would work (navy, tan, etc) - I say solid color because it seems like you're new to bows and should take things slow at first. Thanks. I'm picking up some jackets from the tailor tomorrow, so that works well!
Quote: Originally Posted by WBaker Is it pre-tied? Regardless I think it looks nice. Nope, it's not pre-tied
When I was 17. . . wow, that was just a couple years ago. That was the final 'push' for good grades in High School then applying to many colleges. Not a very fun part of my life, but it's paying off now in college!
I now own my first 'casual' bowtie: it's a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, and though it's hard to tell initially in the picture it's navy in color. Prior to this all I have had are more monotone bowties with tuxedos. Do you have any tips for wearing it? I think that it may have to hold off until colder weather comes. . .
Wear it. Earn a promotion. Be proud.
Some of BR isn't bad. However, Express has been plummeting in quality and design.
A Michael Kors blazer I ordered just arrived a couple hours ago. Great fit; I plan to wear it out this weekend.
"Amateur" Nobody seems to know the correct definiton and usage of it.
Exactly 572 times.
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