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Ah, the thymus gland. Gotta love offal. It has a nice flavor that could be considered a little on the game-y side for those who stick to more traditional cuts. I don't know where in Chicago would serve it, but Michael Symon's Lola restaurant in Cleveland has excellent sweetbreads.
Knob's creek bourbon with coke and lime. Delicious.
I own many, but recently I've been trying to diversify away from them. I have Polo Ralph Lauren, Purple Label Ralph Lauren (my favorites), Lacoste (relatively recent acquisitions, but nice colors), Michael Kors and a few others.
Try going through your universities' alumni networks. Connections are everything in the business world.
Last winter my grandfather gave me his old coat. Here's the story behind it: It's a hand-tailored cashmere jacket made in Vienna that he bought when he moved to the USA over 40 years ago. It's a beautiful jacket, but my grandfather was kind of fat and stubby when he bought it, so I just picked it up from my tailor yesterday after extensive work. I had to have six inches taken off the waist and the sleeves extended about an inch, but now it fits beautifully. I'm also...
As a kid I was pretty apathetic about clothes as gifts, then as a teen I began to like it, but now I dislike getting clothes from others because I'm too discerning to wear most of what they buy, be it looks or fit.
The company Renaissance Art mainly sells leather journals, but they also hand-make a variety of custom leather bags for what I consider a competitive price. You may want to peruse their site and send them an email about this.
Me in Toronto outside of Barchef:
Quote: Originally Posted by cl smooth thinking about buying these... thoughts? also, what size should I get? I'm usuallly a 10.5-11 in everything.... I bought those during a prior sale. Check out the thread we had going about them: They are pretty large shoes that look a bit awry with narrow pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU In St. Louis, eat at "Pappy's". It is the best BBQ in town. I second this. Also, take a walk through Forest Park to WashU. It's beautiful (and my home, coincidentally!).
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