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Most recently $400 for two at Moto in Chicago.
Delerium Tremens has become my favorite, but my more affordable go-to is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
'Tis an amazing fowl. We had duck and cornish hen for Thanksgiving today rather than turkey.
Magic Hat HI.P.A
Quote: Originally Posted by Abliss Girls also dig small bunnies and puppies, just saying... Ever gone for a run with your dog in the park? It's a win too.
I danced salsa for a few hours. I know, doesn't sound too masculine, but trust me - girls dig it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre shaved my balls with a straight razor, while getting a blowjob. used the saliva as lubrication. And the jizz as aftershave?
Congratulations. If you remember making this forum in the morning you will have failed.
Leather is skin. Trust it in the rain.
I second Bar Chef. I was there a couple weeks ago for the first time and it is wonderful place. The decor is classy, the people are sophisticated and the drinks are divine. Try the Van Gogh's Downfall - it's absinthe-based and has great flavor. As you desire, it's a small place whose drink philosophy is house-made bitters and high-quality mixed drinks. They have some molecular drinks, but I didn't try them - the straight quality of their more traditional drinks satisfied...
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