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I collect fountain pens. My favorite is a custom-made Edison Pearl with an 18k gold nib that I had engraved with a fleur-de-lis that my grandparents bought me when I became an Eagle Scout. A second favorite is a Pelikan M800. My day-to-day pen for lectures is a Pilot-Namiki Vanishing Point Pen.
Indeed, the latter.
Ok, thanks for clarifying that. I think that my style isn't at that 'ultimate luxury' level - as a college student, it wouldn't fit me too well. Should I move this post over to the street style forum and see if I get a different set of responses?
Are you speaking specifically about Drake's, or is there another brand you would recommend?In my original post, I specified that I'd primarily wear the scarf with a grey peacoat or trench. I'd need a scarf that has some contrast with the former and wearing it with the latter isn't too important. I have other jackets, but it wouldn't go with them too well (e.g. camel cashmere overcoat).I'm a fan of...
Thanks for the input. I haven't considered Drake before. Budget wasn't an issue, but I'm not enamored by the designs of the Drake ones enough to justify the surcharge. Can you please explain the benefits of the Drake scarves? Do they qualify for more luxury than 'street style?'
Winter's around the corner and I need a unique scarf or two. I just had my grey peacoat extensively tailored (because it looked like a balloon when I bought it!) and I just got a cool trench coat. My style is kind of modern professorial. I want to avoid the cliche Burberry scarves that are like a uniform on campus and get something unique and sartorial (and preferably not overtly branded). Please share your suggestions. If I could find one scarf that matches both coats...
Thanks for the feedback. The coffee wasn't that noticible but she had hazlenut syrup in it too that stunk, so the pants are cold washed and flat drying. Also, don't worry - I wore a coverall while dumping her body so I didn't have to clean out any other stains tonight. She also got coffee on an expensive Italian polo of mine, but I don't care as much becuase I think of my jeans as a living entity.
Studying for finals a friend just spilled a coffee with chocolate syrup on my APCs that I've had for 2 months or so. They are currently drying but I'm looking for advice - is now the time to wash them or should I try to spot-clean them? I won't know the whole damage until they dry but the spot is about six inches in diameter over the left pocket.
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