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Contact Luxire. I doubt you'd find that already made.
I don't know what you want out of somebody's first post. His pant's aren't crazy tight, has reasonable shoes, and a three-piece suit without shirt showing between pants and vest. Besides the collar gap (which may not be a problem), and wimpy lapels it's certainly not the worst suit ever posted here.
I don't think it's nearly that bad. YES, if you have another suit, i'd definitely get wider lapels, because it looks more classic, and would fit your frame better.But overall, add a blue spread collar shirt and a white pocket square and you have a pretty good first try.
Hey, The Villain. There are a bunch of reasons why this isn't working. Generally black suits wash people out and they probably should only be worn to funerals or a night out on the town, but the problem with your black suit is the vertical stripes and shine. Vertical stripes on suits imply a business suit, but this one certainly isn't. The shininess also hurts it, because generally shiny fabric implies low quality fabric. The suit has no basis in history, and therefore is...
Daniel Day Lewis looks freaking fantastic. Midnight blue, single button, shawl collar, self tie bowtie, sliver of pocket square. If you wanna get picky he has flap pockets, but great overall.
I'd say get some higher rise pants and some longer shirts. That means there will be more pants touching more shirt, which will increase friction, which will probably keep your shirt tucked in longer. Or would a nice polo shirt be dressed up enough? Kent Wang makes very nice polos.
I hate when people call me dapper. It feels weeeeird.
That jacket looks completely perfect if you ask me. I just think your pants end up a teeny bit to narrow by the bottom. If they had another inch or half inch I'd love everything more.
Totally agree. His pants are usually fairly high waisted. Higher than the average around here for sure. I totally agree with Ed on the jacket though. With so much jacket suppression it makes his hips look a mile wide. I think Citan should work on that for his next purchases.
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