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Posted on SF.
^Thanks, Crane's....that's a sharp looking page. I'll do some more looking into it when I get back....leaving on a week-long trip tomorrow.
I'll post a few samplers because I have no idea how many of my old links do/do not work anymore in this thread...most of what I do is either centered in the London area or travel-related.
Making a return to this thread after quite the hiatus...does anyone here run any reputable photography blogs? It's been suggested that I maybe try to start one up although I have absolutely no idea where to start. Any ideas/suggestions welcomed. Thanks- JB
Thanks to all. I hate to say that hearing something like that puts customer service down a few spots on the priority list....
I guess not. My company is not US-based so I suppose it makes no difference, regardless we are all American employees.Appreciated. Not too sure what my next step will be, I'm just going to have to wait it out. We haven't been given a time frame yet and there may be an opportunity to transfer to another location so I will see what comes available.
Company proposal presented today will have around 22% of our US workforce (including myself) laid off and our jobs outsourced, medical and dental benefits gone. Happy fucking new year.
No, I just fear we're not in for good news. It's been oddly quiet on the management side and while I don't have any choice but to be in the union, I have a feeling things are going to get nasty in the near future. Goddammit.
Union negotiations starting on Thursday. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Thanks for the comments.As for my dessert, it would be rather odd, as that is dessert on the airplane and I am not flexible enough to move too much in the seat The only editing I did on most of those was to enrich the colours, that's about it. I just open it in Photoshop and adjust contrast and colour variations.
New Posts  All Forums: