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Thanks all for the suggestions. Here are some full body pictures.I agree that it is too short. I specifically asked for it not to be too short, but Patrick insisted that this is more modern and better suited for my body proportions so I trusted his opinion. Do you think it is passable now that you can see full body view?Good catch on the uneven buttonholes. I didn't notice until you pointed that out. Even in the new pictures they show up as uneven. The flare also...
I had the initial measurements during the DC Tour and the finished garment sent. I have another appointment on 8/16 so trying to get feedback before then.Anyone other than me think the button stance needs to be lowered?
My first suit and shirt from Chan. This wasn't as spectacular as others I've seen posted in this thread, but I'm not sure how to make it look better. Any thoughts or suggestions? Is this fixable with alterations or should I start over? Am I just being overly critical?
These are MTM shirt and suit. Any thoughts and opinions on the fit will be appreciated.
I think most people drive up to DC. It is only 1hr 45 minutes away.
brush with water mist
Selling a $99 Staples Cash Card. Please PM if interested.
Bumping in case someone out there knows how to repair
I recently used Allen Edmonds cleaner/conditioner on a pair of spectators and saw some discoloring on the white parts of the shoe (see images). Is it possible to restore the whites on this or is this a loss cause?
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