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I'd be down to purchase a tweed blazer. Any recommendations (on a student's budget)? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by suzuka it's her special day ...she's likely to have a few of those. Keep the beard. Had she asked you to cut your hair, you'd say no. This is no different.
Advil liquid gel (or some other type of pill... I'm not a fan of prescription muscle relaxers though) Stretching (not just your back, but your legs, neck, etc, etc) Myoflex/tiger balm etc Alternating warm and hot compresses Weed before going to bed if it hurts to lay down And obviously, avoid doing exercise for a little while. ^^ Not a doctor, just a hockey player who's been hurt enough times to know how to cure himself.
Quote: Originally Posted by AFG34 canadiens hockey game guaranteed entertainment no matter where you're sitting in the bell center
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician The exact same things that make me unlikely to be alive in the future. Quote: Originally Posted by BP348 +1 for everything acidboy posted. +2
Math concepts are hard to grasp over wiki (imho). Better to use wolfram alpha if you're in need of some math help.
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast Pretty much a story of a German soldier during WWII. He finds romance, etc. Don't want to ruin the plot too much but it is very much along the line of Remarque's other works. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll read it once I'm done with the wealth of nations (which I might vote to be on this list... only a few hundred pages from the end)
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast +1 Also A Time to Love and A Time to Die, profoundly sad ending but a beautiful read. Same genre?
I don't know why but it pisses me off when people say happy new year's instead of happy new year (yes I'm aware that they COULD be referring to new year's day, but they aren't, they are just dumb)
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