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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini To a SW&D guy like me, buying those $30 Levi's at Sears has about the same level of "authenticity" as buying a Gucci bag on Canal St. or a dvd copy of Cars 2 off an alley in LA's garment district. As with any product, if you want the real-deal "authentic" version it comes at a price. The problem is that most outsiders scoff at that price because they don't understand the level of work and attention to detail that it...
I hate jeans nerds. Just be a good Protestant, go to the department store, and buy something from the second cheapest brand.
Are you taking fashion notes from stevedores and slaughterhouse-workers on what jeans they're wearing?
It's not related to men's fashion. You'd probably get a better answer in the denim & streetwear group. Random uneducated guess: some combination of smaller scale production, higher quality fabrics, and pricing themselves higher to be seen as a luxury/status item.
My mother told me I had one too many tattoos on my face, and I just kept them all. That's because I am thug life. He took off of one of the tattoos, that shows he is not.
No. If you don't currently have a suit and you're getting into it, go to a decent place and get a grey or charcoal suit. They should be able to size you right. Certainly I've had suits that fit well from places I had never been to before. You imagine a false dichotomy. It's not like the only options are $260 suit or $1500 + travel expenses for WW Chan. Get something good but not more than you can afford.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Stone I've had 3 suits total, and they are all tight at the shoulder, and super baggy everywhere else. Every shirt I have is loose around the neck, and very tight at the shoulders. I'm 6'2" / 185, so I think I probably end up buying stuff that is too big because I want it long enough to tuck into my pants. (And the tight shoulder thing). Maybe you aren't used to clothes that fit your shoulders properly? ...
The quick answer is "no." It looks like something a college kid would wear to a club. On the other hand, they won't care what clothes you're wearing unless it's ridiculous. Personal opinion would be: don't wear a dark shirt unless you're at a club, the pinstripe trousers are kind of tacky, I don't like the ties, the shoes are big and boxy (get something round and lace-up). Can't really tell on the jacket due to the pose and picture, seems OK but I wonder if the...
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl chukkas cannot make anybody look that way. it's a schoolboy gear. although very famous among muricans of all ages. In America it's a 70 year old look. Currently chukkas are only for the flamboyantly gay.
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