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Mike, Any chance of you doing a Factory Finds with shirting? That would be amazing
Indy in the wild...
Soooo, end the competition now?
Cigar Captoe's from Alden DC arrived today. Grant last, commando sole. Let the break-in process commence. Sorry for the iphone photos and poor lighting. Maybe I'll snap more in natural light tomorrow. No Flash Flash (having rotation issues) Loved seeing this on the unlined tongue.
Alden DC happened to have both in my size when I called last week. Just placed an order for the Cigar Captoe - better for most of the Boston seasons and a perfect dress boot to wear in good and bad weather. Can't wait for these to arrive. I just hope I sized right - went TTS (i.e. up .5 from Barrie sizing).
So, I need help deciding between the following: Cigar captoe boot on the Grant last, commando sole No 8 captoe boot on Grant last, commando or double leather sole Ravello LWB on Barrie Input is much appreciated! These all seem like great options. For the record, I only have two pair of shell - No 8 NST in Barrie (From Shoemart) and RL Darlton shortwing Thanks
I think the CXL longwing is in the Leydon last though, which is one of Alden's narrower lasts.
What do people think of these?
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