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Gents, I'm selling a Herringbone sports jacket (unaltered, size 42) I bought a few years back. It's a shade lighter than the navy they use in their core suiting range. It also has navy elbow patches. My body shape has changed quite a bit since then so it doesn't get a lot of wear nowadays. Admins, apologies if I should've posted this in buying/selling, however I thought it probably made more sense to let the Australian members know. PM me for photos if you're interested...
I was going through the same process last year in deciding on what Chukkas to buy. In the end, I went with the Herring Canterbury. I have found these to be awesome. Great value for money, and held up really well on a recent trip to Japan in the middle of their winter. From memory, they're slightly more chiseled than the Loake Pimlico which I prefer (all a matter of personal preference obviously), but...
There were quite a few in the navy cotton with light grey elbow patches, the navy denim style and the beige (which almost has a moleskin feel to it) which both have a lot of pick stitching. Other than that not a great deal.Can't wait to see the ties! All the best.
Agreed, however did manage to pick up a navy blue suit in the core line for 30% off which was nice.
Good to see a few people with a rural background on here.
Ah, thanks for the update!
The book has sold out I believe. I tried to buy it 5 days after it came out and there was only one Dymocks store in Sydney with a copy left. Really hoping they print a second run.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnsNotHere I have both, the kempton in suede and the pimlico in calf. The pimlico last is a bit sleeker in the toe box. I'll put some compare pics up tonight if you like. Cheers, a couple of comparison photos would be great. I wear a UK11 so trying to aim for a bit of a sleeker look so they don't end up looking like a pair of Blundstone's.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman If you just want beaters, maybe you would consider Herrings Cantebury whih is only 115GBP. Or if you dont mind the trendier white rubber sole there are some chukkas on clearance for only 55GBP Thanks for the suggestion Blahman. I think the chisel toe on the Canterbury looks a bit better.
Guys, has anyone had experience with the Loake Pimlico Chukka boots? Would love a pair of the C&J Tetbury's but having trouble justifying the extra spend on what are essentially suede boots which will no doubt cop a good beating on a night out.
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