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hey guys, I currently became an independent business owner selling amway products. Most of these products are consumables and very high quality product with a 100% money back guarantee. For example, the XS energy drinks have 0 sugar and only 8 calories compared to redbull/monster having about 20 teaspoons of sugar and 300 calories. The store has everything from concentrated laundry detergent to make up for women by a company that was used in the Miss America...
I have read nothing of this thread but LL.BEAN? seriously? People get fun of for wearing marc jacobs but ll bean? facepalm.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by paperfingers Unless I'm at the beach, I haven't worn open-toed anything since SF. hahahahahahahah +1billionz
those things are hideous
Just got my boots
Quote: Originally Posted by Orange I sure as hell don't vouch for you. Take a look at buyer/seller feedback forum. explain? I'm lazy
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil You do realize that this is only the 4th business day since then, right? I realize it but not when i live in l.a and he lives in sacramento. It's a 5 hour drive...
Mikey34 is a stand up guy, bought some paul smith corsos
Quote: Originally Posted by mikey34 ^ Thanks man a bunch of stuff has sold! Rachel Comey mids- sold Rachel Comey lows- sold Paul Smith- on hold Mr Olive hoody- sold Has anyone gotten their stuff from this guy? I sent a payment and I havent gotten the paul smith corsos and i made the payment wednesday
I know this isnt the thread for this but... where do they sell APC jeans?
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