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i have a pair of monkstraps that I got off B&S for 350 (not sure what the retail is, im in aus and none here). only had them for about 8 months but the leather has worn extremely well. have maintained shape well also i think i read somewhere here that they have changed makers a few times. might want to see who is making for them then comparisons might be easier if borrelli shoes aren't so common
Quote: Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe Perhaps we should try to have a Canberra SF get together one day? woah, didn't think there were this many canberran styleforumites! the three guys in canberra that wear suits must all be on this forum
bit hard to tell. bigger photos front on buttoned and side on would be great. indian weddings are the bomb!
i also like brown for overcoats, looks good with grey and earth tones, also with navy if dark enough
Women in the Background, Barry Humphries real funny
i piss in the yard. pissing outside is real freedom
would love to see a flannel challenge, or a price of wales challenge YEAH BOi!
PG What UP!
[quote=meister;3928376]Barry has always dressed pretty Golden Era with more of a twist to the late Edwardian. And I like. I've never read/heard him talking about his style but he also has an obsession with 30's music. If interested, he plays some great tracks and talks about the romance of the music from that era: http://abcscience.com.au/rn/musicsho...10/3083803.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by Selvaggio He spoke at a charity dinner for the Australian Chamber Orchestra which I attended recently. In a room full of dinner suits he wore a cream double breasted linen suit and a flashy tie - which was kind of wrong but cool - if you know what I mean. this wouldn't be it but perhaps in a similar vein, and with spectators!
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